Sustainability Events @ UVic

muggo and green team
Muggo poses with our dedicated student Green Team


Love A Mug Week: Feb 11 - 15

Help reduce waste and break up with your paper cup. From Feb 11 - 15 show Muggo & friends your reusable mug and they will give you a coupon for a free coffee or tea

Need a new mug? UVic Bookstore and the Campus Planning and Sustainability office want to help you break up with your paper cup. From Feb 11th to Mar 11th, receive a 25% discount* on Axis Travel Mugs and Tumblers.

Plus when you use a reusable mug on campus, you receive $0.25 off your purchase. Switching to a reusable mug saves you money and reduces your waste!

*available at Finnerty's while supplies last. 

Bike tune-up pop-up booths

Hosted by . Stay tuned for more details.

Stay tuned for more Special Events in 2019!

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