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Giving Tuesday

Two students stand in front of UVic Library holding signs that read, 24 hours 24 funds

Giving Tuesday is over for this year, but it's not too late to give.

On November 30, 2021, alumni, community members, faculty, staff and students came together for 24 hours to donate, participate in events and unlock dollars to reach our goals. All those actions combined will make a big difference across campus—contributing to student-led initiatives, research that strengthens communities, and programs that change lives.

Results from Giving Tuesday 2021






involved in Giving Tuesday events


out of $45,000 unlocked

Thank you

24 priority funds

This Giving Tuesday, our community answered the call to get involved and support the causes they are passionate about. Below are the results for each of the 24 Giving Tuesday priority funds.

Alumni Relations

Alumni fund

Create hands on learning opportunities, foster collaboration, and empower community building through on campus events, activities, and clubs.

  Donations: $4,081

  Donors: 5



Assistive Technologies Fund

Fund innovative technologies and programs that improve the quality of life, increase the independence, and foster a culture of inclusion for people in our community living with disabilities.

  Donations: $2,420

  Donors: 11


Continuing Studies

University 101

Provide access to free, non-credit courses in the humanities for marginalized community members and remove barriers by supporting bus fare, childcare subsidies, and meals.

  Donations: $2,055

  Donors: 23



Centre for Outreach Education (CORE)

Help children reach their full potential through one-on-one tutoring sessions delivered by UVic students that are designed to meet each child's unique needs.

  Donations: $5,065

  Donors: 27


Engineering & Computer Science

2030 Initiative – Women in Engineering and Computer Science

Contribute to community outreach initiatives, mentorship programs and industry partnerships to engage women and girls in STEM.

  Donations: $6,740

  Donors: 19


Equity and Human Rights

EDI Community Outreach Fund

Create spaces for meaningful conversations, community events and engagement focused on advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism.

  Donations: $1,975

  Donors: 8


Fine Arts

Indigenous Student Award

Support Indigenous undergraduate students in Fine Arts. This award is in memory of the 215 Indigenous children found at the site of the Kamloops Indian Residential School and all victims of the residential school system.

  Donations: $9,280

  Donors: 27


Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Fund

Support student-led events, activities, and clubs that encourage collaboration, promote community engagement, and improve campus life.

  Donations: $14,850

  Donors: 93


Graduate Studies

Campus Sustainability Fund

Inspire the next generation of environmental leaders by supporting initiatives that raise awareness about sustainability or direct impact projects that reduce water and energy consumption.

  Donations: $600

  Donors: 7


Gustavson School of Business

The Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation (CSSI)

Support the integration of sustainability and social responsibility into the education, research, and culture of our school to inspire students to make the world better.

  Donations: $3,375

  Donors: 5


Human and Social Development

Youth in Care Living Expenses Fund

Support students with who have previously lived in government care by offsetting expenses, such as computers, books and housing.

  Donations: $4,365

  Donors: 34



Murray Dawson Graduate Fellowship

Enhance graduate research in the humanities, leading to continued innovation and excellence within the next generation of scholars and leaders.

  Donations: $5,964

  Donors: 26


Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement

Itotelnewtel Lte: Learning From One Another - Elders Engagement

Support meaningful engagement and create opportunities for students, faculty and staff to have access to Elders' knowledge and teachings to help them tackle issues facing sustainability, climate change, diversity, and inclusion.

  Donations: $1,775

  Donors: 19


International Centre for Students

International Student Support Fund

Help bring diversity and talent to UVic and create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

  Donations: $660

  Donors: 8


Island Medical Program

Neuroscience Grad Student Association

Support resources for graduate students to build relationships with peers, professors and industry professionals.

  Donations: $2,205

  Donors: 5



Law Student Emergency Fund

Help law students when they encounter a financial emergency that could disrupt, or end, their studies.

  Donations: $6,875

  Donors: 32


Ocean Networks Canada

Solid Carbon Project

This ambitious project aims to deliver a globally scalable, renewably powered, offshore negative emissions technology (NET) by 2040.

Every gift made is leveraged through matching federal support.

  Donations: $885

  Donors: 9



Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Student Award

Help students access life changing exploration and discovery, inspired teaching, internationally renowned research and opportunities for real-life learning.

  Donations: $3,685

  Donors: 31


Social Sciences

University 102

Provide access to free, non-credit courses in the social sciences for marginalized community members and remove barriers by supporting bus fare, childcare subsidies, and meals.

  Donations: $1,575

  Donors: 12


Student Affairs

Centre for Accessible Learning

Support students living with disabilities and chronic health conditions in achieving their academic goals and increase educational equity and accessibility.

  Donations: $780

  Donors: 6


Transgender Studies

Chair in Transgender Studies

Drive social change and improve the well-being of trans, nonbinary, Two-Spirit, and other gender-diverse people.

  Donations: $8,238

  Donors: 22


UVic Libraries

Digital Initiatives Fund

Provide students, faculty, staff, and community members with access to cutting-edge digital resources.

  Donations: $2,990

  Donors: 20


UVic Research

Research Accelerator Fund

Help UVic expand our community-engaged research efforts to address the urgent needs of our society on local, national, and international levels.

  Donations: $325

  Donors: 3



Alumni Association Bursary for Active, Healthy Living

Support the physical and mental health of students by offsetting the costs of a CARSA membership.

  Donations: $835

  Donors: 8


Project #AddSprinklesUVic


About Giving Tuesday

UVic has been participating in Giving Tuesday since 2016. Since then, the event has generated over $544,000 for a variety of programs and projects across the entire university—including student aid, clubs, community-focused programs, research seed funds and much more.

After the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is a day to focus on giving back. But more important than the individual donations, Giving Tuesday is a chance to see how much we can achieve in 24-hours when we come together for the causes we care about at UVic.

Why the sprinkles?

The sprinkles theme is a fun way to demonstrate how many small acts of giving and taking part contribute to the UVic experience.

What does Giving Tuesday fund?

Each year, campus partners select a fund for Giving Tuesday. These different projects and programs may support students or research within an academic area. Or, they could support UVic initiatives in the wider community. All donations to these funds, no matter the size, will make a big difference in the success of the program or project.

Looking for ideas and tools for sharing Giving Tuesday in your area?

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