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2019-20 school year

When we moved to online courses partway through the spring 2020 term, we all had to adjust. We recognize that these changes may have impacted your academics. UVic offered special grading options and adjusted our academic regulations and documentation to help.

Academic standing

The university's minimum undergraduate academic standing regulations were adjusted for the 2019-20 Winter Session. Standard undergraduate academic standing regulations resumed in the 2020 Summer Session.

If your grades in the 2019-20 Winter Session negatively impacted your university academic standing, UVic waived the university academic standing assigned by the Office of the Registrar and the academic standing that was assigned at the start of the 2019-20 Winter Session was re-assigned to take effect in the next registered session. For example:

  • Students who did not meet the minimum 2.00 GPA requirement to clear university academic probation for the 2019-20 Winter Session had the requirement to withdraw waived and were placed on university academic probation for their next registered session.
  • Students who did not meet the minimum 2.00 GPA requirement to maintain good academic standing for the 2019-20 Winter Session had the assigned university academic probation waived and were placed in good academic standing for their next registered session.

While the minimum university academic standing GPA requirement was waived for the 2019-20 Winter Session, program and/or faculty-specific academic standing regulations may still have been applied. Consult with your faculty adviser for guidance and to ensure academic success in your program.

Grading options

UVic offered grading options for the January-April 2020 term (as well as courses spanning September-April), in an effort to help ensure academic quality, support student success, and alleviate stress during these challenging times.

These options included:

Option Description
Keep original grade Keep original grade as assigned by the instructor. In accordance with current practice, the grade was applied towards academic standing and counted toward all GPA calculations, including sessional, cumulative and graduating GPAs.
COVID19 Pass/Fail

Keep the course but select a COVID19 Pass/Fail grade instead of the assigned grade. The COVID19 Pass (P) or COVID19 Fail (F) appears on your transcript, but the course was not counted toward your GPA.

This option only applied to students who completed their course and had a final grade assigned. The Pass option could only be selected if the original assigned grade was 50% or higher for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Drop course without academic penalty Courses that were dropped appear only on the administrative transcript and not on the official transcript.
COVID19 Withdraw (COVID19 WE) - Extenuating Circumstances without academic penalty Courses that have been assigned a WE will appear on both the administrative and the official transcript.

Dates and deadlines

The deadline to request a COVID grading option for the Spring 2020 term was May 29, 2020.

You may still be able to select from the COVID grading options based on certain eligibility criteria such as missing grades, grade changes, grade appeals, deferred grades, etc.

The conditions to submit grading options are:

  • the form can only be submitted once
  • all submissions are final and cannot be reversed
  • submissions can only be made once all final grades are received

If you believe that you qualify for one of the scenarios listed above, please email one of the following based on your level of study during the Spring 2020 term:

Deferred (DEF) or incomplete (INC) grades

Undergraduate students: You were able to submit your grading option choices even if you had a DEF grade for a course in the Spring 2020 term.

Once you complete your deferred course requirements and your final grade (that replaces the DEF grade) is available on My page, you can email to request a grading options form. You can use this form to submit your grading option decision for the DEF course(s) only. The same options will be available to you and the same conditions will apply: the form can only be submitted once; all submissions are final and cannot be reversed.

Graduate students: If you were unable to continue with your Spring 2020 term coursework, all of the grading options are available.

Changing your grade 

All grading option submissions received from students are deemed final, irreversible and binding. If you made a selection that you believe you need to change, you may be eligible to petition for an exception to this rule if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You received incorrect or incomplete advising;
  • You have learned or acquired new information that you could not have reasonably been expected to know at the time you chose one of the grading options;
  • Other (please provide context in your personal statement)

A change of mind because of a failure to educate yourself on or understand the ramifications of the grading options will not be grounds to appeal. If you believe you may qualify for an exemption, contact the appropriate unit.

Grade changes submitted by your instructor

If your instructor submits a change to your final grade after May 29, 2020 and – based on this change – you would like to choose from the COVID19 grading options (or revise your selected option) for that course, you may do so. Please confirm that the change is reflected on your Administrative Transcript and then contact the appropriate unit.

This applies only to formal grade changes approved by your instructor, the Chair of the department, and the Dean of the Faculty offering the course.

Appealing your grade

Normal grade appeal processes were in place for the Spring 2020 term, Please familiarize yourself with the appeal process for academic matters and with the Review of an Assigned Grade process for undergraduate and graduate students, as outlined in the academic calendars.

If you appealed a grade in the Spring 2020 term, you may choose to have one of the COVID19 grading options assigned, even if a final decision on your appeal was made after the grading options deadline of May 29, 2020. Once your revised final grade is reflected on your Administrative Transcript, please contact the appropriate unit.

If no change was made to your grade as a result of your grade appeal, you will need to forward written confirmation of this (from the department offering the course or the Dean) to the appropriate unit.


Minimum grade requirements

If one of your courses in the Spring 2020 term has a minimum grade requirement or there is a minimum GPA requirement for program progression, you should speak with an adviser before selecting an option.


A COVID19 Pass is equivalent to 50%. For courses that have a prerequisite grade that is higher than 50%, or a specific grade of C or higher, some programs may require students to repeat the course in order to achieve the required grade. Check with the department that offers the course you want to register in next.

Prerequisite grades (if applicable) are listed in the academic calendar: undergraduate courses and graduate courses.


Undergraduate students

If you have any undergraduate scholarships from any UVic or non-UVic sources, consult with the scholarship provider(s) before selecting your grading options to ensure that your funding is not compromised in any way. Learn about amended UVic scholarship regulations.

Graduate students

If you are a current graduate student at UVic, COVID19 Pass/Fail grades on your transcript will be taken into consideration along with other information to assess your eligibility for UVic scholarships. If you have Pass/Fail grades and pass all of the courses taken, your eligibility will be based on those courses and the most recent GPA calculated from your courses that were assigned letter grades. If you have Pass/Fail grades and fail one or more courses, your academic department will be asked to provide additional information about your academic progress to assess your eligibility for UVic scholarships. Contact a scholarships officer for more information.

Get advice: advisers, faculty FAQs and resources

It is important that you make an informed decision about which grading option(s) are best for your circumstances—consult with the experts before making any final decisions!

Undergraduate: Consult with an academic adviser.

Graduate: Consult with your graduate adviser or Graduate Admissions and Records.

International: Consult with an International Student Adviser. Business students should contact the Gustavson School of Business - International.

Graduating students: Undergraduate students should consult with their program adviser or Records clerk. Graduate students should consult with their graduate adviser or Graduate Admissions and Records.

Admissions: Consider how these grading options may affect your admission to other programs. Consult with Academic Advising for undergraduate programs or Graduate Admissions and Records for graduate programs.

Faculty-specific FAQs: The grading options are defined in the same way across UVic programs, but how these grades are applied within each faculty and department may vary. If available, please review your faculty's FAQs for courses you are taking this term and contact your academic advising office and program advisers for more information.

Other resources:

Still have questions? Contact the Office of the Registrar and one of our experts will get back to you.

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