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Course delivery

We are committed to offering you options for staying on track, graduating on time, and meeting your learning goals. With these factors in mind, most classes will be online during the Winter Session (September-April). Check out the timetable to learn which courses are online or face-to-face. The Spring term timetable will be updated with course delivery info by the end of September.

We will not make any changes to delivery modes midway through the term. You will not be required to move to Victoria on short notice for the fall or spring terms.

In-person classes

In-person offerings will be limited to programs and courses that support essential experiential learning, work-integrated learning, research-enriched learning, accreditation requirements and/or graduate education. 

Continuing Studies

Continuing Studies professional and community courses will be offered online, while looking at options for in-person delivery where viable. Visit the Continuing Studies calendar for online offerings.

Online classes & labs

Faculty and instructors will determine how to best deliver a course’s core learning requirements, including coursework and assessments. We have invested in enhanced resources, technologies and supports to deliver undergraduate labs and classes online. More information is available on the Learn Anywhere and Teach Anywhere websites.

Field schools & hands-on learning

We are following the guidance from governments and health authorities concerning the health and safety of our community. We will communicate about any opportunities for additional courses, like field schools, well in advance so that you can register.


If you’re on a co-op term, you might be able to take courses at the same time. This will depend on your co-op placement and your program requirements. Please contact UVic’s co-op office at or 250-721-7628 for guidance. Visit our COVID-19 co-op pages for more information.


The timetable (September to April) includes information on the course's instructional method—online, face-to-face or a mix for fall. Instructional methods for courses in the spring term (January-April) will be available by the end of September.

You should be available during the time slots indicated for the course in which you are registering. Your instructor will determine how to best deliver a course's core learning requirements, including coursework and assessments. They may reduce time slot requirements depending on their delivery methods. For example, some instructors may choose to livestream lectures or require students to be available for interactive sessions or discussions during the course's time slot. Your instructor will provide more information on course delivery at the beginning of the term, either through the course syllabus or other means.

Fall deadlines

We have extended the 100% drop deadline for fall courses and full year (September-April) courses to September 30 and the tuition fee deadline to October 9. This gives you time to plan for spring before making final decisions about the current term.

Last day to add a course that begins in fall term September 25, 2020
100% drop deadline for fall & full year courses September 30, 2020
Tuition fees deadline October 9, 2020
50% drop deadline October 13, 2020

Students who have received scholarship money that has covered all of their tuition for the winter session and are left with a credit, can contact the Student Tuition office to request a refund. Because the last day to drop classes for the fall term has been moved to September 30th, Student Tuition will not do so before September 30th this year.

Check the timetable regularly

Now that the final timetable has been posted, there are circumstances that may arise requiring the timetable to be adjusted prior to classes commencing. Please check the timetable regularly for changes. You can review the most up-to-date timetable information:

This is of critical importance during this year’s registration period given the constantly changing landscape of the COVID-19 situation. If you are enrolled in classes and a change or update occurs after registration, you will be contacted through your preferred email address as indicated in My page -> Personal & account profile. Large timetable updates (e.g. assignment of building and room information for all Fall 2020 on campus courses) will be communicated via the Office of the Registrar. Individual course section updates will come directly from the academic unit offering the course. 

For the 2020/21 Winter Session (Sept-Apr 2021)

Most course sections are being offered online. Courses set for online course delivery will continue online for the duration of the term.

Timetable comments
Many course sections will have a timetable comment regarding the delivery of the course.

Comment What it means
This course will be offered fully online and synchronous (“real-time” sessions planned or required).  The course will be regularly scheduled in the timeslot listed in the timetable.  You will be expected to attend and participate in these “live” online classes, engage in “live” discussions/chat etc.
This course will be offered fully online and asynchronous (no “real-time” sessions planned or required). The course does not require you to be online at the same time.
This course will be offered fully online and blended (a mix of “real-time” and asynchronous sessions). The regularly scheduled timeslots will be used for some classes.  You will be expected to attend synchronous live sessions within the regularly scheduled timeslots.  Other aspects of the course will be asynchronous.  This may include pre-recorded videos, discussion groups, collaborative activities, self-directed learning activities etc. 
This course will be offered both F2F and online (this could be all in “real-time” or a mix of “real-time” and asynchronous). The course will be offered concurrently face-to-face and online by the instructor to enable you to attend in person or virtually.

Check course delivery
Check the campus (Online vs Main) and instructional method (Online vs Face-to-face) in addition to the timetable comments to determine whether courses are being offered online or face-to-face (see examples pdf).

Any course sections approved to be held on campus will have a timetable comment “This face-to-face offering is pending approval/room assignment based on yet-to-be-finalized health and safety regulations.”

Building and room information for on-campus sections will be updated once WorkSafeBC guidelines for room and building utilization have been determined (see the May 28 announcement); the timetable will be updated with this information once known.

Course cancellations and changes
If a course is cancelled or changed, students should consult with their adviser to discuss any concerns about completing their program requirements.

View timetable examples

Academic concessions

If you have been unable to complete coursework due to the impacts of COVID-19, or due to other illness, accident, or family affliction, you can request an academic concession. Email a completed Request for Academic Concession form to the Office of the Registrar.

Medical documentation for absences

Students taking courses in the summer and fall do not need to provide a medical note to their instructor as proof of illness, regardless of the length of the illness. This will help to contain and prevent the spread of communicable diseases like COVID-19. It will also help ease the pressure on our medical systems.

We will update you if this policy change is extended into the spring 2021 term.

Academic accommodations

Make sure you have released your accommodation letters to your instructors. They are working to ensure all students can access online-only instruction and assessment. If you have questions, reach out to your course instructor to discuss how your academic accommodation translates to the online course delivery. If you remain concerned about an accommodation, please email or call your Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) Adviser.

2019-20 school year

When we moved to online courses partway through the spring 2020 term, we all had to adjust. We recognize that these changes may have impacted your academics. For the 2019-20 school year UVic offered special grading options and adjusted our academic regulations and documentation to help.

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