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Exams, grades & transcripts

Find exam schedules, check your grades and learn where to go if you need help.


Final exams are held at the end of each academic term in December, April, and August. Make sure that you're familiar with dates and policies before exams start.

Detailed schedules are published in advance of each exam period, indicating the dates, times and locations of your exams.

Deferred and supplemental exams

If you have a deferred or supplemental exam that's organized by the Office of the Registrar, you'll receive an email with instructions for scheduling the exam.

Reviewing your exams

After exams are completed, instructors have the option to send paper-based exams to the Office of the Registrar to be stored for 12 months. At certain times in the year, you can visit the Registrar's Office to review your marked exams and evaluate your performance.

If your exam was delivered online or was not sent to the Office of the Registrar for storage, you should contact the course instructor.


Instructors are required to submit grades within seven (7) days of the last activity of the course:

  • the last day of classes (if there are no final assignments or exams)
  • the due date for your last assignment (if it is due after the last day of classes)
  • the date of your final exam

Contact your instructor if this time period has passed and your grade has not yet appeared on your academic record.

You can find the percentage grade, the corresponding letter grade and comparative grading information on your official and administrative transcripts.

Requesting a grade review

If you don't agree with your grade, discuss it with your instructor first. If you still believe you should receive a higher grade, you may request a formal grade review. This is only a review. It does not guarantee that your grade will improve.

To request a formal grade review, you need to fill out a Request for Review of Assigned Final Grade form. There is a $25.00 per course charge for a formal review. If the grade goes up, you'll receive a refund.

Grade point average (GPA)

Your grade point average (GPA) is an average of points you've achieved based on your performance in your courses. We calculate it for:

  • one session
  • your whole degree
  • for graduation

Each GPA calculation is used for different decisions.


Your history as a student at UVic is documented in official and administrative transcripts.

  • Official transcripts are confidential and can only be released when ordered by students and alumni.
  • Administrative transcripts can be viewed by students at any time in Online tools.

Academic standing

Your academic standing is based on your academic performance in a given session. You can be in good standing, placed on academic probation or required to withdraw, detailed below.

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