Enrolment Conversion

UVic is an increasingly competitive environment with the population of 18-24 year in decline across BC and throughout Canada. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future and has led to the Enrolment Conversion key initiative for the Division of Student Affairs (STUA). 

Work on this key initiative began in 2014 within the Division of Student Affairs and the first phase of research was undertaken in 2015. Since completing the first phase, this initiative has grown into a larger institutional effort. Our team is taking what we learned in the research phase of the initiative to a new Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) Committee that will be chaired by Vice-President Academic and Provost, Dr. Valerie Kuehne.

We will continue to provide updates once the SEM committee meets and we begin to work with partners across the institution to identify strategies to more effectively recruit and retain our students. This is a STUA key initiative of in support of two division strategic objectives: to use research and assessment to inform decision making, and to recruit, admit and retain a diverse group of exceptionally talented students in support of institutional enrolment goals.

Project Goal

To increase undergraduate conversion of new applicants from the current rate of 45.5% to 48% over a three-year period effective from September 2016.



Goals: To determine the reasons for acceptance or refusal of admission by new undergraduate students during the summer 2015 registration and to determine reasons for withdrawal of registered first-year undergraduate students during the first two months of the fall 2015 term.

Completed activities:

  • Survey of newly admitted students during the July 2015 registration periods to determine reason for acceptance or refusal of admission
  • Survey of new students in late September 2015 who were admitted, registered, and then withdrew from UVic
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Project planning for phase two

Phase one of the enrolment conversion initiative wrapped up in October 2015 with the analysis of the summer 2015 conversion survey results. These results, along with other anecdotal feedback collect during phase one, helped to inform the development of the University Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) Committee.

PHASE TWO: 2016-2018

Project moving from Student Affairs to the University SEM Committee in summer 2016. Updated goals to come.


University Leadership

  • Dr. Valerie Kuehne, Vice-President Academic and Provost

Student Affairs Executive Team Leadership

  • Carolyn Russell, Director, Student Recruitment and Global Engagment
  • Jim Forbes, Director, Campus Services
  • Nicole Greengoe, Registrar, Office of the Registrar