International Plan Implementation

The UVic International Plan: Making a World of Difference 2017-2022 launched in October 2016, takes UVic's global commitment another step further by identifying key objectives and strategies to move us forward in this era of heightened connectivity, complex geopolitics and increased international collaboration. 

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Our goals as a division in implementing the International Plan are to ensure that:

  • there is a highly coordinated and strategic use of resources in the division;
  • areas providing international student support services are working from common principles and goals; and
  • we effectively measure the work undertaken to support the International Plan.

Student Affairs International Plan Implementation Overview

Phase 1: Consultation and Review (completed)

  • STUA Executive review of final plan or initiative
  • Identification of key objectives as they relate to the Division of Student Affairs
  • Identification of institutional leaders who should be consulted on plan implementation
  • Identification of the objectives and associated strategies from the plan as they relate to Student Affairs

Phase 2: Committee and Evaluation (completed)

  • STUA Executive to establish the International Plan Implementation Committee (IPIC)
  • STUA Executive to develop an evaluation matrix to guide prioritization of strategies/goals identified in Phase 1

Phase 3: Prioritization (September/October 2017)

  • IPIC to prioritize the identified strategies using the evaluation matrix
  • IPIC to report back to STUA Executive on prioritized strategies

Phase 4: Implementation Planning (November/December 2017)

  • IPIC to identify action steps for each strategy, STUA units involved or impacted in each action, and high-level key resources for each strategy or action step
  • IPIC to bring proposed action plan to STUA Executive

Phase 5: Implementation (Winter/Spring 2018)

  • Review of priorities/action plans by Student Affairs Executive
  • Development of specific department and unit goals that reflect the work that needs to occur in order for strategy implementation
  • Regular updates at Executive and Council meetings to review implementation progress

Student Affairs International Plan Implementation Committee

Jim Dunsdon (Chair) Associate Vice-President Student Affairs
Joel Lynn Executive Director, Student Services
Carolyn Russell Director, Student Recruitment & Global Engagement
Ada Saab Director, Graduate Admissions & Records
John Hall Director, Undergraduate Records & Graduation Services
Susan Corner Director, Academic Advising & International Student Services
Tricia Best Associate Director, International Student Services
Zane Robison Associate Director, Student Recruitment
Lindsay Neilson Associate Director, Global Engagement
Rob Mackay Associate Director, Marketing, Engagement & Programs, Athletics & Recreation
Sarah Rankin Manager, Marketing, Communications & Engagement, University Food Services