Student Recruitment & Global Engagement

Student Recruitment and Global Engagement develops, implements, and monitors strategies to communicate and promote the University of Victoria as an education destination of choice for high achieving students, provides transition and leadership programming, and fosters critical linkages with international partners to advance intercultural perspectives for all UVic students. These responsibilities and programs are carried out in the context of the wider university and involve close collaboration with Deans for undergraduate and graduate studies, the Division of Student Affairs, and others.


SRGE Orientation

Orientation supports new students and their families in their successful transition to university life through welcome programs and resources, and facilitates volunteer and leadership opportunities for current students.

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Student Recruitment

SRGE Student Recruitment

Student Recruitment promotes UVic and its programs to prospective undergraduate and graduate students locally, nationally, and internationally. Unit activities are aligned with UVic enrolment goals and supported by collaborative communications initiatives, on campus and off campus events.

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Global Engagement

SRGE Global Engagement

Global Engagement (GE) collaborates with UVic’s partners to advance our strategic and internationalization goals. GE also develops and implements policies and practices to promote Field School programs and the Education Abroad Committee, and manages delegations on and off campus, as well as international student mobility programs that enhance UVic’s diverse intercultural and global environment.

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Welcome Centre

SRGE Welcome Centre

The Welcome Centre is a first point of contact for visitors, students and staff. The Centre runs the campus tours program, offering information about UVic and its surrounding community to visitors, prospective students and their families. We help anyone navigate the administrative and physical structure of the university, provide programs for prospective students, students and staff, and offer quite study space for students.

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Contact Student Recruitment & Global Engagement


Mailing address:

Student Recruitment and Global Engagement
Division of Student Affairs
University of Victoria
PO Box 3025 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W3P2

Courier or in-person address:

Student Recruitment and Global Engagement
University of Victoria
University Centre B202
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria BC V8P 5C2
Campus Map


Phone: 250-853-3875

Directory listing

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail


Acting Manager Heather Young 250-472-5278 UVC B202
Student Recruitment Administrative Assistant Sylvia Wan 250-472-4935 UVC B202
Student Recruitment Receptionist Ruth Ferguson 250-472-4644 UVC B202
Welcome Centre Receptionist Cora Bell 250-721-8949 UVC B104
Student Recruitment Officer Brian Tucker 250-853-3587 UVC B104
Communications Officer Crystal Bergeron 250-472-4663 UVC B202
Student Recruitment Officer Crystal Milne 250-721-8949 UVC B202
Student Recruitment Officer Alex Riviere 250-472-3757 UVC B202
Student Recruitment Officer Jesse Oshanek 250-721-6366 UVC B202
Student Recruitment Officer Jessica Morrow 250-472-4627 UVC B202
Campus Tours Coordinator Juanita Shorkey 250-721-8979 UVC B104f
Switchboard Operator Karen MacCuish UVC B104b
Enrolment Analyst Leah Toews On leave
Student Recruitment Officer Mark Macdonald 250-472-4626 UVC B202
Student Recruitment Officer Meghan Thompson 250-853-3584 UVC B202
Recruitment & Campus Tours Assistant Matthew Coxon 250-721-8991 UVC B104
Communications Officer Paul Razzell 250-853-3991 UVC B202
Student Recruitment Officer Richard Belton 250-472-5171 UVC B202
Communications Officer Russell Wong 250-853-3585 UVC B250
Indigenous Student Recruitment Officer Robert Busch 250-853-3729 UVC B202
Student Recruitment Officer Stephanie Parker 250-472-4564 UVC B202
Engineering Student Recruitment Officer Timmons Wong 250-472-5569 UVC B104