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Labyrinth: walking meditation

Stressed by the run-up to the holidays and exams? Take time to slow down, catch your breath and contemplate by walking the labyrinth at the Multifaith Centre in December.

During the height of exam time, at UVic a 10-meter wide canvass labyrinth will be placed on the floor of the Multifaith Centre.

Modeled after a labyrinth laid out on the floor of the 12th century gothic cathedral of Chartres, France, the UVic labyrinth is a tool for relieving stress, gaining spiritual insight and for meditation. Students, staff, and faculty are invited to experience the beauty of the labyrinth in the sacred space of the UVic Multifaith Centre.

The labyrinth is a powerful tool for taking time out and to find some peace and repose during a hectic season. The labyrinth takes about half an hour to walk and can be walked alone or with others. Simple instructions are posted at the entrance of the labyrinth to help deepen the spiritual dimensions of walking the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is available for walking meditation Monday, December 5 to Thursday, Dec 8 from 10:00am – 3:00pm.