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Student opportunities

There are many opportunities to get involved and help others with student wellness at UVic. Getting involved with your community and giving back can be a great way to meet new friends, build your skills and support your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Practicum & internships

We offer a clinical practicum for graduate students in the helping fields, including counselling, psychology, clinical psychology, and child and youth care. We also offer a psychology doctoral internship training program.


Our practicum training program has a generalist emphasis on responsible and competent practice. We use a scientist-practitioner model to ensure ethical and evidence-informed practice.

As a practicum counsellor, you’ll take part in a range of individual and group activities and roles. You’ll provide personal, learning and career counselling services to registered students. You’ll train to practice in post-secondary institutions and similar counselling settings.

If you’re interested, make sure you review our program details and application instructions.


Our doctoral psychology internship program uses a scientist-practitioner model. This is to ensure ethical and evidence-informed practice. Our program is designed to be generalist in nature.

The internship is a full-time 12 month program and you’ll complete a total of 1600 hours engaged in training on site.

Our internships have an inter-disciplinary emphasis. We offer a rich environment where you can realize your potential as a member of a diverse service delivery team. The range of experiences and opportunities that we provide is ideally suited to candidates who are looking to develop strong generalist skills with an adult population.

We are an Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) member. To apply to our internship program, you must submit your application through APPIC. Our member number is #1869.

Our internship positions for the 2021-2022 school year are now filled. We look forward to connecting with applicants for the 2022-2023 school year.

 September 2021 update

We have submitted our self-study for Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) accreditation. Note that term of accreditation refers to the academic year in which the site visit takes place. As such, if we have our site visit within the 2021-2022 training year and are successful in becoming accredited, then the interns of 2022-2023 training year will be entering an accredited program. That being said, please note that there is no guarantee that we will be granted accreditation.

For more information, here is the CPA contact information:

CPA’s Accreditation Department


Phone: 613-237-2144, ext. 334 OR Toll-free: 1-888-472-0657 ext. 334

Address: 141 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 702 Ottawa, Ontario   K1P 5J3


The SWC offers volunteering opportunities in two areas:

FitConnect: You’ll be paired with a student experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate depression and/or anxiety. You’ll work together with the student and help encourage them to meet their activity and self-care goals. You will meet with them to do physical activity and help them stick to their plan.

Students interested in becoming participants in the FitConnect program can contact

Harm Reduction Centre (HRC): The HRC helps students make informed and safer choices around sex and substance use. You’ll be trained to provide accurate information and to distribute safer substance use and safer sex supplies. You’ll also connect visitors to further campus and community resources.

COVID-19 update: You can use the online form to order supplies and request information from the Harm Reduction Centre.

As a volunteer, you’ll be part of a dynamic team of students. You'll also gain experience that is highly relevant to many health and wellness careers.

Benefits of volunteering with our program include:

  • diverse training opportunities and skill development
  • mentorship with Student Wellness Centre staff
  • creating connections across campus and with the volunteer team
  • contributing to student well-being
  • building your CV with career-related experience

Email for more information on these volunteering opportunities.

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