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UVicSpace - Open access repository for compliance with Tri-Agency requirements

Open-Access Requirement of the Tri-Agencies

Peer-reviewed journal publications resulting from research supported by any of the three Canadian federal granting agencies (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) must be made freely accessible within 12 months of publication. This policy has been in effect since 2008 for CIHR-funded work, and is now in effect for any grant awarded since May 1, 2015 by SSHRC or by NSERC.

This requirement may be met by either or both of two methods. One approach is to publish articles in open-access journals or to select open-access options that certain journals make available. This method may be costly and the University does not have funds to support open-access fees. Fortunately, the second method is a no-cost option and involves the use of the open-access repository maintained by UVic. Researchers may deposit a “post-print” version of their articles in the repository (i.e., a version that has been modified after peer review but which has not yet undergone typesetting). The following instructions explain how any UVic community member can make use of this service. In addition, questions you have about the repository may be directed to library staff at

Instructions for using UVicSpace for open access.

1. Register for an account at

2. In response to the e-mail confirmation that you receive, create a profile.

3. You will automatically be logged in at the URL above or you can return later and log in at that site.

4. For a journal article that you wish to add to the repository, you must first ascertain that the journal permits open-access archiving within 12 months of publication. Usually, this access is granted for a “post-print” version of the article, rather than the publisher’s final PDF version. A pre-print version is the version of a manuscript as it existed prior to peer review. Only a post-print or the publisher’s PDF version of the article will meet the Tri-Agency requirements. To determine the open-access policy for the journal in which your article appears, visit the SHERPA/RoMEO site.

At that site, you can enter the journal name and obtain a description of the journal’s policy regarding open access. If the description is unclear, or if the journal indicates that you may not post an open access version of your article until at least 12 months have passed, you should contact the publisher for clarification or to negotiate permission to include a post-print version of your article in the UVic repository. If there is doubt about a journal’s open-access policy, it is advisable to clarify the policy before submitting your work to that journal.

5. Once you are ready to submit a version of your article to UVicSpace, create a PDF version of the manuscript that includes the full citation to the article, the name of the publisher, the copyright date, and the doi. Name the file as follows: lastname_firstname_journalabbreviation_year.pdf (An example would be: Smith_Lee_JPSP_2014.pdf)

6. You then have two options:

The first option is to e-mail the PDF file to with a request to add the article to UVicSpace. You may specify a particular collection within the repository. (To see the full list of collections available, go to the UVicSpace website and click on the "Communities & Collections" link in the “Browse” box at the right side of the page.)

The second option is to post the article yourself. To do this, follow these steps:

a. E-mail to request permission to add items to the collection you have selected. Once that permission has been obtained, you can log in to the UVicSpace website and click on the "Submissions" link in the “My Account” box.

b. Click on the "Start another submission" link, then select your collection from the pulldown menu that appears. If you have received permission to add to a particular collection, its name will appear in the menu. You can then proceed by following the on-screen instructions.