Featured researcher

Dr. Mauricio Garcia-Barrera (Psychology)

Mauricio Garcia-Barrera is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology who specializes in Clinical Neuropsychology. Using a combination of neuroimaging, computerized and behavioural testing techniques, Mauricio studies human behaviour and cognitive processing, specifically executive functions, a set of cognitive control processes that help the brain organize and act on information in order to achieve goals. Rooted in a prefrontal-parietal network, executive functions enable people to plan, remember things, prioritize, pay attention, and complete tasks. Most of Mauricio’s current research is conducted at CORTEX, where his research group is: (1) examining environmental factors that may shape the development and aging of executive functions, more recently focused on physical exercise and sports-related concussions; (2) developing ecological, psychometric and cross-culturally valid instruments to assess executive functioning; (3) examining the role of brain-monitoring systems in the prediction of speech disfluencies in developmental stuttering; and (4) studying emotional regulation, empathy and executive functioning in reintegrated ex-combatants (guerrilla and paramilitary members) from the Colombian Armed Conflict. Mauricio is also interested in methods and issues in neuropsychological assessment of clinical populations in North and Latin America. As such, he is a Research Affiliate at UVic's Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health (IALH), serves as an Associate Editor of the APA journal Psychological Assessment, and is President-Elect of the Asociación Latinoamericana de Neuropsicología. Mauricio also teaches neuroanatomy and clinical assessment courses while serving as Faculty Senator and Psychology's Graduate Advisor.