Research Plan

Finalized in August 2017, the Faculty of Social Sciences' Research Plan describes some of the research themes and approaches to conducting research represented within the Faculty. Current and future research activities are detailed and a summary of research accomplishments that highlights published work and external funding for research is provided. The SOSC Research Plan also includes some background information regarding the research infrastructure that has been built up in the Faculty and reviews some shortcomings in infrastructure that have been identified by units.

One of the motivations for the development of the SOSC Research Plan was UVic’s Strategic Research Plan, which recommends the creation of research plans at the level of individual Faculties “to achieve greater strategic alignment and synergies of research initiatives at UVic” (p. 36). Towards that end, the SOSC Research Plan also describes activities in the Faculty that have been directed toward achieving some of the research enhancement goals articulated in the Strategic Research Plan as well as some proposals for future initiatives that are intended to enhance the Faculty’s research profile.

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