Google Scholar

How to create a profile

The Dean’s Office encourages all faculty members to maintain an up-to-date online presence (even if that is limited to their profile page on their department or school's website) so that visitors such as prospective graduate students can get a sense of their current interests and so a sense of engagement and active interest in research is conveyed. In addition, faculty are encouraged to create a profile using Google Scholar, which is a very useful tool for tracking publications and citations of published work. Furthermore, it is a source that may be used by peer reviewers when evaluating grant applications. The availability of a Google Scholar profile allows reviewers to readily obtain citation information about a researcher, which is an indicator of impact in the field, and also is a signal that the researcher is engaged with the larger research community.

Here are basic instructions for creating a profile on Google Scholar, as adapted from the Google Scholar setup instructions.

1. First, sign in to your Google account, or create one if you don't yet have one. Then go to and click on “My Citations”.

2. Once you've signed in to your Google account, the Citations sign up form will ask you to confirm the spelling of your name, and to enter your affiliation, interests, etc. You will need to enter your university email address to make your profile eligible for inclusion in Google Scholar search results.

3. On the next page, you'll see groups of articles written by people with names similar to yours. Click "Add all articles" next to each article group that is yours, or "See all articles" to add specific articles from that group. If you don't see your articles in these groups, click "Search articles" to do a regular Google Scholar search, and then add your articles one at a time. Feel free to do as many searches as you like.

4. Once you're done with adding articles, you will be asked what you want to do with the article data changes in Google Scholar. You can either have the updates applied to your profile automatically, or you can choose to review them beforehand. In either case, you can always go to your profile and make changes by hand later on.

5. Finally, you will see your profile. This is a good time to add a few finishing touches – upload your professional looking photo, visit your university email inbox and click on the verification link, double check the list of articles, and, once you're completely satisfied, make your profile public. Your profile is now eligible to appear in Google Scholar when someone searches for your name!

Should you require more elaborate information, please consult: