Measure of Awareness of Financial Skills (MAFS)

MAFS (Competency Work Group at the Centre on Aging, UVic, 2004)

The MAFS is a tool developed for the standardized assessment of a person's level of awareness of financial abilities, and where and when awareness deficits occur.

The test is intended for use as a clinical and research instrument, aiding in the assessment of competence within the financial domain. The MAFS, developed by the Competency Work Group at the Centre on Aging, University of Victoria, is now available for purchase.

MAFS background

Competence in a domain requires that a person is able to make decisions regarding care and to direct others in managing their affairs. A decision regarding a person's functional competency should include determining whether an individual is capable of performing tasks and obtaining help with tasks where difficulties are known to arise.

Individuals must be aware of their deficits to access help and make successful decisions regarding their care.

Test content

The MAFS consists of three forms: a client questionnaire, an informant questionnaire and a performance measure. A client's degree of unawareness is determined by calculating the difference between the clients' self-ratings and test rating provided by his or her caregiver on each of the 34 items included in the MAFS. The MAFS is a reliable and valid tool when used to assess awareness of financial skills.

Note to users

Qualified test administrators should be members of professional associations that endorse a set of standards for the ethical use of psychological tests or licensed professionals in psychology, medicine or other health-related fields.

Place an order

The MAFS can be purchased at a cost of $50.00 from the Test Materials Sales Office, Department of Psychology, University of Victoria.

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