Tony Marley

Tony Marley
Adjunct Professor

PhD 1965 (University of Pennsylvania) joined Department in 2003

Office: COR B322

Professor A. A. J. Marley is an internationally recognized scholar in mathematical psychology who has made significant contributions to the mathematical behavioral and social sciences. He has been involved in much international collaboration with academics in economics, psychology, mathematics, statistics, marketing and political science, resulting in publications in discrete choice, measurement theory, psychophysics, response time, risky choice and voting. Professor Marley was Chair of the Department pf Psychology at McGill University, long regarded as a leader in psychology.



  • Mathematical and computational models of goals and choice.

Representative publications


Louviere, J., Flynn, T. N., & Marley, A. A. J. (2015). Best-worst scaling. Theory, Methods and Applications. Cambridge University Press.

Book Chapter

Marley A. A. J., & Regenwetter, M. (2017). Choice, Preference, and Utility: Probabilistic and Deterministic Representations. In W. Batchelder, H. Colonius, E. Dzhafarov, J. Myung (Eds.) New Handbook of Mathematical Psychology. Volume 1: Measurement and Methodology. Chapter 7, pp. 375-453.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Refereed Publications

Hawkins, G. E., Islam, T., & Marley, A. A. J. (2019). Like it or not, you are using one value representation. Decision. In Press.

Marley, A. A. J.  & Swait, J. (2017). Goal-based models for discrete choice analysis. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 101, 72-88.

Marley, A. A. J., Islam, T., & Hawkins, G. (2016). A formal and empirical comparison of two score measures for best-worst scaling. Journal of Choice Modelling. 21, 15-24.

Terry, A., Marley, A. A. J., Heathcote, A., & Brown, S. (2015). Generalising the drift rate for linear ballistic accumulators.  Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 68-69, 49-58.

McCausland, W. J., & Marley, A. A. J. (2014). Bayesian inference and model comparison for random choice structures. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 62-63, 33-46.

Hawkins, G. E., Marley, A. A. J., Heathcote, A., Flynn, T. N., Louviere, J. J., & Brown, S. D. (2014). The best of times and the worst of times are interchangeable. Decision, 1(3), 192-214.