Tony Marley

Tony Marley
Adjunct Professor

PhD 1965 (University of Pennsylvania) joined Department in 2003

Office: COR B322

My research is focused on mathematical and computational models, particularly as applied to sensation, perception, and decision. I work with both 'classical' mathematical models and more recent 'neural' models. 

My recent work has involved extensive international collaboration with psychologists, mathematicians, statisticians, and political scientists resulting in theoretical and empirical publications in psychophysics, utility theory, probabilistic choice and measurement, and voting.


  • Mathematical and computational models of perceptual and decision processes

Representative publications

Louviere, J., Flynn, T. N., & Marley, A. A. J. (2015). Best-worst scaling. Theory, Methods and Applications. Cambridge University Press.

Terry, A., Marley, A. A. J., Heathcote, A., Brown, S. (2015). Generalising the drift rate for linear ballistic accumulators.  Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 68-69, 49-58.

McCausland, W. J., & Marley, A. A. J. (2014). Bayesian inference and model comparison for random choice structures. Journal of Mathematical Psychology,  62-63, 33-46.

Hawkins, G. E., Marley, A. A. J., Heathcote, A., Flynn, T. N., Louviere, J. J., & Brown, S. D. (2014a). The best of times and the worst of times are interchangeable. Decision, 19, 1(3), 192-214.

Hawkins, G. E., Marley, A. A. J., Heathcote, A., Flynn, T. N., Louviere, J. J., & Brown, S. D. (2014b). Integrating cognitive process and descriptive models of attitudes and preferences. Cognitive Science, 38, 701-735

Marley, A. A. J., & Ng, C. T. (2013). Quasi-sum representation for an m-place function. In Special Issue of Annales Univ. Sci. Budapest, Sectio  Computatorica, Dedicated to the 75th birthday of Professor Zoltan Daróczy and Professor Imre Kátai, 41, 137-143.

McCausland, W. J., & Marley, A. A. J. (2013). Prior distributions for random choice structures.  Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 57, 78-93.

Louviere. J. J., Carson, R. T., Burgess, L., Street, D., & Marley, A. A. J. (2013). Sequential preference  questions: Factors influencing completion rates using an online panel. Journal of Choice Modelling, 8, 19-31.

Swait, J., & Marley, A. A. J. (2013). Probabilistic choice (models) as a result of balancing multiple goals. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 57, 1-14.

Marley, A. A. J., & Islam, T. (2012). Conceptual relations between expanded rank data and models of the unexpanded rank data. Journal of Choice Modelling, 5, 38-80.

Marley, A. A. J., & Pihlens, D. (2012). Models of best-worst choice and ranking among multiattribute options (profiles). Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 56, 24-34.

Dodds, P., Donkin, C., Brown, S. D., Heathcote, A. & Marley, A. A. J. (2011). Stimulus-specific learning: Disrupting the bow effect in absolute identification. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, 73, 1977-1986