Christopher Lalonde

Christopher Lalonde

Ph.D. 1997 (British Columbia) joined Department in 1998

Office: COR A267

My research focuses on cultural influences on identity formation and social-cognitive development. I am currently engaged in research projects that examine the role of culture in the health and well-being of Indigenous youth. In partnership with the Inter Tribal Health Authority, I am involved in a study of injury rates within First Nations communities on Vancouver Island. In collaboration with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, I am completing a project in Manitoba that examines culture and healthy youth development. At UVic, I helped to direct the LE,NONET Project that aimed to enhance the success of Aboriginal undergraduate students.

For more information, see my website.


  • Social-cognitive development
  • Indigenous health
  • Indigenous epistemologies and post-secondary education
  • Identity development

Faces of UVic Research video

In this video, Chris discusses his research on identity development within First Nations youth and how it relates to their well-being.

Representative publications

Lalonde, C. E. (2006). Identity Formation and Cultural Resilience in Aboriginal Communities. In Flynn, R.J., Dudding, P., & Barber, J. (Eds.), Promoting Resilience in Child Welfare (pp 52-71). Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press. [preprint]

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Jin, A., Lalonde, C.E., Brussoni, M. McCormick, R. George, A. (2015). Injury hospitalizations due to unintentional falls among the Aboriginal population of British Columbia, Canada: Incidence, changes over time, and ecological analysis of risk markers, 1991-2010. PloS One. [link]