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The Department of Political Science general office is in David Turpin Building (DTB) A316. We're open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Cross-listed & adjunct professors

Cross-listed faculty

Dr. Jeff Corntassel, cross-listed associate professor 
Indigenous Studies Program
Global Indigenous rights; Indigenous political mobilization/self-determination movements

Dr. Colin MacLeod, cross-listed professor
Contemporary political philosophy; ethics; philosophy of law

Dr. Laura Parisi, cross-listed associate professor
Gender Studies
Globalization and resistance; gender and international human rights; gender and international development

Dr. Michael Prince, cross-listed Lansdowne professor
Studies in policies and practices; trends in social policy; federal-provincial relations; Aboriginal governance; policy making in disability politics; policy issues

Dr. Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark, cross-listed associate professor
Indigenous Governance program
Indigenous comparative politics; Indigenous diplomacy and treaty relations; Indigenous law and governance; US/Canadian Indigenous law and policy

Adjunct professors

Dr. George Abbott, adjunct professor
BC and Canadian politics

Dr. Michael Asch, adjunct professor
Socio-cultural anthropology; North America; political and legal anthropology

Dr. Reg Whitaker, adjunct professor
Canadian politics; Canadian security issues

Sessonal instructors fall 2023

Dr. Cara Camcastle - POLI 365

Dr. Michael CarpenterPOLI 240

Dr. Simon Carroll - POLI 300A & POLI 306

Dr. Keith Cherry - POLI 211

Dr. Erika Finestone - POLI 424/524

Taylor Green - POLI 386

Dr. Jennifer Hall - POLI 351

Fazila Mat - POLI 319

Dr. Morgan Mowatt - POLI 363

Dr. Jessica Percy Campbell - POLI 370

Dr. Can Zhao - POLI 324/HSTR 365C


Rosemary Barlow, administrative officer

Joanne Denton, chair's assistant

Rachel Richmond, graduate secretary