Program requirements

For students NOT taking a graduate program:

The graduate certificate in Indigenous Nationhood, for students who have completed an undergraduate program, requires 7.5 units of study.

  • The foundational course for the graduate certificate in Indigenous Nationhood is IN 601: Foundations of Indigenous Nationhood.
  • Students must complete a total of 4.5 units from approved electives: one 1.5 unit course from each of the three participating units (Indigenous Governance (IGOV), political science, and law). For course offerings, see the list of approved elective courses.
  • The final requirement is participation in IN 697: Capstone Experience. This course is 1.5 units and will involve either a comprehensive examination in Indigenous Nationhood or a committee-approved community internship, co-op placement, or other community-based work/service-integrated learning opportunity.

Requirements for IN graduate certificate

Course Units
IN 601 (Foundations in Indigenous Nationhood - core course) 1.5
Elective courses (1.5 units each from IGOV, LAW, POLI) 4.5
IN 697 (Capstone) 1.5
Total units 7.5

For students taking a graduate program, select your area of study: