Political Science group seeks refugee donations

This group plans to sponsor a refugee family to resettle in Victoria. Now this group of 20 is fully engaged, seeking donations and starting to prepare the arrival of a refugee family to Victoria. The financial obligation to raise funds is a priority at the moment. Donate via our CHIMP fundraising site or directly to ICA: Cheques can be given to ICA's reception desk at 930 Balmoral Rd (please insert our number "CG094- 19"). Donations can also be made directly on ICA's website with a credit card. Donors can donate at https://chimp.net/groups/support-a-refugee-family-for-resettlement-in-victoria. Choose "Private Sponsorship of Refugees" from the dropdown menu, then type "CG094-19" into the box underneath. More info is here: https://www.uvic.ca/socialsciences/politicalscience/home/news/current/refugee-11-feb-19.php: Questions? E-mail Beate Schmidtke - beates@uvic.ca