Duncan McLaren, anthropology

(April 3, 2018) - Global coverage continues on the recently published paper—led by Duncan McLaren and co-authored by Daryl Fedje, Angela Dyck, Quentin Mackie, Alisha Gauvreau and Jenny Cohen—about the earliest known human footprints in North America. The news confirms the 2015 discovery and is featured in the front section of today's New York Times and Sunday's Washington Post, across Postmedia newspapers this weekend including in the National Post, Ottawa Citizen and Vancouver Sun, as well as online by Huffington Post, United Press International, CBC News, Radio-Canada and the Smithsonian's news page. The story even caught the attention of The Onion for a lighthearted take on this important discovery. WaPo  NYT  NP Huffpo  UPI  Radio-Canada  CBC (Source:CP)  Smithsonian  The Onion