Atlantic salmon escape fish farm near BC, John Volpe comments

(August 23, 2017) - John Volpe is quoted today on the front pages of the Times Colonist and Globe and Mail's national edition, with media turning to him for comment on the escape of thousands of Atlantic salmon from a fish farm in Washington state. Two decades ago, Volpe studied the introduction of Atlantic salmon into BC's waters. With this recent escape, a local Indigenous community is concerned about its fishery; wildlife officials are encouraging people to catch as many fish as they can; and the company suggests the escape was due to "exceptionally high tides" coinciding with the solar eclipse.  G&M  TC  

John Volpe (Environmental Studies) was interviewed on CBC Vancouver's "Early Edition" today about the escape of thousands of Atlantic salmon, as well as the impacts on and of the aquaculture industry, with a clip of his commentary also running at the top of the local news today.  CBC News