Upcoming Events - Faculty of Social Sciences

Upcoming Events across the social sciences:

  • PSYCH – Mon. Feb 20th, @12-1pm, HHB 128-Psychology Teaching Brownbag: Exams that are fun for you and me! Engaging 350 students with Two-Stage Exams in just 50 minutes Dr. Catherine Rawn, Department of Psychology, UBC
  • POLI – Tues. Feb 21, @2:30 pm, DSB C118- POLI SPEAKERS SERIES: DR. MEENAL SHRIVASTAVA, ATHABASCA UNIVERSITY, “Invisibility of Women and Failure of Social Policy: Exploring a Causal Relationship Through an Individual Narrative Account”
  • SOCI - Wed.Feb.22 @2:30-4:30 MAC D103 - Austerity and the Rise of Populism, Dr.Stephen McBride(Canada Research Chair)
  • PSYCH – Wed. Feb. 22 @3:30PM, CORA228– Lansdowne Lecture – Dr. James Russell, “Emotion recognition: is it universal?
  • Faculty of Social Sciences – Thur. Feb 23, @3:00 to 4:00pm, ECS 124-Book Launch for Medicine Unbundled: A Journey Through the Minefields of Indigenous Health Care-Featuring author Gary Geddes, Elder Joan Morris (Songhees) and moderated by Dr. Nancy Turner. Register here
  • ENVI – Fri. Feb. 24 @11:45am, DSB C116 – Lansdowne Lecture – Dr.Ross Thompson “Beyond Conservation”
  • Coming Up: Mar.6-11, 2017 – IDEAFEST