$5 million for Amazon Fish for Food

The project will improve the lives of many low-income rural farmers and expand pond culture of the native pacu (Colossoma) fish - based on experience by CEPAC with women-led fish culture in the municipality of Yapacani, using Bolivian, Brazilian and Canadian technologies. The activity will be improved with technological and social innovations and expanded by peer-peer learning, training in Brazil and Bolivia, and farmer-led research, supported by multi-stakeholder local forums (platforms) of fish farmers of different size, levels of government, and suppliers.  

The project, with a duration of 3 years, will contribute to global knowledge on how to scale up poverty alleviation efforts with small-scale agricultural or natural resource-based activities.

Dr. Mark Flaherty, of the Geography Department, is leading the UVic participation, with collaboration of Dr. Ana-Maria Peredo of the Gustavson School of Business, Dr. Aleck Ostry, also of the Geography Department, Dr. Francis Juanes, of the Biology Department, and  Dr. Steve Cross, of the North Island College’s Sustainable Aquaculture Centre.  Two PhD students, Alison Macnaughton and Sean Irwin, will be funded by the project, as well as two Bolivian Masters students and one Bolivian post-doc.  Together, this UVic team will contribute expertise and training opportunities in the areas of aquaculture and business development, fisheries assessments and conservation planning, and evaluation of social changes associated with international development. 

World Fisheries Trust is a Victoria-based NGO focussed on the conservation and sustainable use of fish and fishery resources.  

Associación Faunagua is a Cochabamba-based Bolivian NGO concerned with the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic resources, including community development;

CEPAC (Centro de Promoción Agropecuaria Campesina ) is Santa Cruz-based Bolivian NGO working on the development of small-scale agricultural solutions to poverty, particularly for women;

IMG (Ingeniería Márketing Gestión Consultaría) is a Cochabamba-based business-development consultancy specialized in multi-stakeholder forums for equitable local development;

CIDRE (Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Regional) is a Cochabamba-based Bolivian NGO specializing in the provision of socially responsible micro-credit loans related to small-scale agricultural development and poverty alleviation.

 CIFSRF is a fund established by the Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development and managed by the International Development Research Centre.  It currently has 7 projects in operation globally.