Duncan McLaren and Daryl Fedje, anthropology comment on their research

June 23, 2015 - Twelve single footprints were discovered in April in a layer of clay on a remote island on BC’s central coast. Duncan McLaren and Daryl Fedje, researchers with UVic and the Hakai Institute, were digging for prehistoric stone tools and bones—only to discover what could be the oldest human footprints in North America.  UVic News

This discovery will be rigorously analyzed by the researchers to duplicate and confirm the preliminary results.  The Hakai Institute published a story in its magazine yesterday, which was picked up by the Canadian Press, and is now the focus of interest from local, national and international media outlets.

CTV News (Source: CP) G&M  Global News Scientific American Daily Mail (This is only a selection of the extensive coverage on this discovery, which is also involving multiple broadcast interview requests.)