SSHRC Partnership and Development Grants go to Faculty of Social Sciences

SSHRC Partnership Grants:

Natalie Ban (Environmental Studies) & Thomas Okey (Adjunct, Environmental Studies) – Co-applicants on the $2,500,645 6-year “OceanCanada” project led by Rashid Sumaila (UBC)

Reuben Rose-Redwood (Geography) – Co-applicant on the $2.496,520 7-year “Landscapes of Injustice” project led Jordan Stanger-Ross (History)

SSHRC Partnership Development Grants:

Peter Stahl (Adjunct, Anthropology) – Lead applicant on the $197,128 3-year “Historical ecology of the Galapagos Islands”

Jutta Gutberlet (Geography) & Oliver Schmidtke (Political Science/Centre for Global Studies) – Collaborators on the $194,890 2-year Training the next generation of community based researchers: a global partnership” project led by Budd Hall (Public Administration)

The Ring included mention of Reuben Rose-Redwood's research involvement with the "Landscapes of Injustice".