Quentin Mackie and Daryl Fedje, anthropology

The Canadian Press story was also picked up by CBC.ca and a QMI Agency article was carried by Canadian regional papers including London Free Press. Haida Nation and Haida Gwaii Observer (print only) highlighted how current theory matches oral histories.

Coverage of the UVic-led underwater archeology research supported by Parks Canada in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve continues in national, regional and US press, includingArchaeology magazine and Canada Journal. Articles quote Quentin Mackie and Alison Proctor about their use of UVic's AUV to take sonar images of the seafloor which revealed what might be prove to be evidence of the earliest human habitation: a stone fishing weir.

In their front sections the Calgary Herald and Toronto Star carried the Canadian Press story mentioned in yesterday's news package. It was also ran in the Huffington Post.

Quentin Mackie (Anthropology) and Allison Proctor (Mechanical Engineering) were interviewed about their archeological research in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. Broadcast coverage includes: CTV National, Canadian First Nations Radio program Journeys, CTV-VI (no link),  CFAX's Terry Moore show and CJOB Radio Winnipeg.