Hunting of grizzlies exceeds BC targets: new study

November 7, 2013 - A collaborative study about serious shortfalls with the management of the grizzly bear hunt in BC was released yesterday by researchers from UVic, SFU and Raincoast Conservation Foundation. SFU PhD students are the lead authors, with UVic's Chris Darimont (geography), a co-author and Raincoast's science director, quoted at length.  Globe and Mail  UVic News

The story was also picked up by the Vancouver Sun and Times Colonist. The study looked at grizzly hunting in 50 of 57 population units over ten years and one author says that populations could be managed to decline without anyone noticing.  Metronews was also listening.

November 8, 2013 - (update) Chris Darimont (Geography) was heard Wednesday afternoon on CBC Radio's "All Points West" and Thursday morning on CFAX 1070 speaking about the recent report on the overhunting and mismanagement of BC's grizzly population. All Points West (No podcast available)  CFAX Podcast 

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