Tanzania field school

"We spent a month learning about conservation and international development, visiting national parks throughout the country, and doing field research in a remote Maasai village. When we returned from the field school, I was able to take a directed reading course that enabled me to organize a fundraising event for the Kesho Trust and its local partner organizations in Tanzania. The money raised through this project went directly to conservation and community development initiatives in the Maasai village of Enguserosambo."

"I participated in the GDS Program because I thought that international development work was the best avenue for me to take in order to combat injustice and address systems of oppression. However, I soon came to realize that I could not justify participating in this work abroad without first addressing the injustices and disparities in well-being that exist within the country that I call my home."

"I have dedicated the past several years to pursuing justice for and building relationships with Indigenous peoples living in Coast Salish territories. I spent two years working as a Community and Youth Coordinator for Sc’ianew (Beecher Bay) First Nation, and now I am a student in my second year of law school at UVic, pursing a Joint Degree in Canadian Common Law and Indigenous Legal Orders (JD/JID)."