What is Geography?

Not just about maps and capitals, Geography is literally “the study of the world,” examining the complex and fascinating physical and social make-up of the planet. Through a spatial perspective, Geographers grapple with and seek solutions to the most important challenges we face such as: climate change, natural hazards, globalization, urbanization, sustainability, Indigenous rights, and social justice.

What career options are available in Geography?

  • Climatologist, Meteorologist, Hydrologist
  • Emergency Management Specialist
  • Environmental Manager, Consultant
  • Geomorphologist, Geotechnical Engineer
  • GIS Technician/Analyst
  • Green/International Business
  • Parks Service, Conservation Officer
  • Professor, School Teacher
  • Tour Operator, Interpretive Guide
  • Urban/Regional Planner

What experiential learning options are available with this program?

  • Vibrant co-op program
  • Variety of local and international field schools focusing on physical geography, environmental management and urban sustainability
  • Practical skills developed through field trips, applied labs/tutorials, community-based research opportunities

What do students need to know if they want to pursue an Honours, Major or General/Minor program?

  • Students can opt for a BA or BSc (Honours available) and pursue courses in a particular concentration (optional): Coastal Studies; Environment and Sustainability; Geomatics; Physical Geography; or Urban, Health & Development. Minors in Coastal Studies and Geographic Information Technologies are also available.
  • After 12 units of course work, students should meet with the Departmental Undergraduate Advisor as soon as possible to discuss degree options.

Plan your Geography Degree