Adjunct and cross-listed faculty members

Adjunct Professors

Name Email Research interests
René Alfaro stand- and landscape-level impacts of insect pests on forests
Bernard Bauer process geomorphology; hydrology; sediment transport
Anthony Charles community-based resource management; sustainability and resilience of coastal and marine systems; ecosystem-based management; climate adaptation; protected areas; integrated spatial management
Stephen Cross environmental and socio-economic aspects of integrated multi-tropic aquaculture
Michael (Mike) Demuth hydrology; cold region environments; snow, ice and glaciers; remote sensing; climate change; human factors
James Gardner geomorphology and hydrology in mountain and coastal environments; hazards/disasters; risk analysis
Marten Geertsema  geohazards; geomorphology; LiDAR applications; mountain permafrost; landslide ecology; erosion; fire regime research
John Gibson isotope hydrology; surface/groundwater exchange; water balance; evaporation; runoff; modelling
Jim Harrold health system integration; aboriginal health; rural and northern health; social determinants of health; population health; regional health authorities
Trisalyn Nelson spatial and spatial-temporal analyses; wildlife movement; active transportation
Aleck Ostry food security; rural health; aboriginal health; occupational and environmental health
Paul Paquet ecology, behaviour, and management of mammalian carnivores (especially wolves and bears)
Christopher Pearce coastal ecosystems & resources
Terry Prowse climate impacts on hydrology and aquatic systems; circumpolar cold region hydrology; river ice environmental effects; hydraulics; thermodynamics; mechanics
Rajesh Shrestha hydrologic and water quality modelling and assessment; hydro-climatic impacts; extremes
Tim Tinker sea otter ecology and modeling; quantitative conservation ecology; population dynamics
Ian Walker aeolian and coastal geomorphology; environmental fluid dynamics; sand dune ecosystems and restoration; beach-dune morphodynamics
Fred Wrona aquatic ecology and eco-toxicology; biostatistics; quantitative ecology
Michael Wulder forests; monitoring; satellite; change; Landsat; LiDAR; spatial statistics; inventory

Adjunct Associate Professors

Name Email Research interests
Jean Birks groundwater hydrology; isotope geochemistry
Yonas Dibike hydro-climate analysis 
Ellen Hines marine megafauna conservation; marine and coastal GIS; tropical coastal resilience; small-scale fisheries
Olav Lian
quaternary geology of British Columbia
Daniel Peters watershed ecology; modelling; climate; hydrologic systems; isotopic water tracing
Clifford Robinson marine conservation; eelgrass fish assemblage ecology; forage fish ecology; marine habitat mapping
Rick Rollins parks and protected areas; nature-based tourism; marine tourism
Tara Sharma landscape changes; shoreline monitoring; ecosystem mapping; spatial modeling; LiDAR; GIS; remote sensing; carbon budget in national parks
Stephen Tyler institutional and socio-economic issues in natural resource management; climate change and adaptation; poverty reduction; resource use
environmental policy; marine ecology and oceans policy; conservation theory

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Name Email Research interests
Kyle Artelle wildlife management and conservation; black and grizzly bears; salmon
Bruce Downie protected areas; sustainable communities; community-based natural resource management; nature-based tourism
Jennifer Mateer water management and governance in the Global North and Global South; environmental justice; urban political ecology; alternative resource management; the hydro-social cycle; biopolitics of the environment; critical geography; alternative ethnographies; neoliberalism; post-development
Grant Murray coastal communities; marine protected areas
Geoff Quinn hyperspectral remote sensing; forest ecology and management; spatial statistics
Mark Seemann assessment of risk, hazard, vulnerability and resilience; facilitation of community-based preparedness and response planning
Janis Shandro international extractive sector; health impact assessment; environmental & social corporate performance; extractive sector impacts on Indigenous Peoples
Pamela Shaw retail geography; urban planning and land use issues; policy and legislation; social-ecological research relating to estuaries
Yi Yi isotope hydrology

Cross-listed Faculty

Name Email Research interests
G. Cornelis van Kooten forest economics and management; agricultural economics; natural resource management; environmental studies
Michael Hayes social geographies of health