Adjunct and cross-listed faculty members

Adjunct Professors

Name Email Research interests
René Alfaro stand and landscape level impacts of insect pests on forests
Bernard Bauer process geomorphology, hydrology, sediment transport
Max Bothwell effects of ultraviolet radiation on freshwater ecosystems
personhood and dementia, neighbourhood planning and design for active aging
John Clague natural hazards and risk, Quaternary geology, sedimentology, stratigraphy
ecosystem and landscape ecology, predator-prey relations, behavioral ecology, remote sensing of vegetation
Michael Demuth impact of climate change on the Cryosphere; glacier water resources, snow-glacier interactions, glacier mass balance
community response to climate change, First Nations land allocations, planning, economic development
Thomas Edwards isotope hydrology and geochemistry
Hugh French periglacial geomorphology, geocryology, polar regions, Quaternary science
geomorphology and hydrology in mountain and coastal environments, hazards/disasters and risk analysis
Jim Gower satellite remote sensing, plankton blooms, marine floating vegetation, physical oceanography
John Harper coastal and nearshore habitat mapping, multidisciplinary marine studies, coastal zone management, oilspill research
Leslie King environmental governance, sustainable communities, community-based natural resource management
ecology, behaviour, and management of mammalian carnivores, especially wolves and bears
coastal processes, morphological change and adaptation to climate change and sea level rise
Rajesh Shrestha hydrologic and water quality modelling and assessment, hydro-climatic impacts, extremes
forests, monitoring, satellite, change, Landsat, LiDAR, spatial statistics, inventory

Adjunct Associate Professors

Name Email Research interests
Edward Allison coastal and marine social-ecological systems, particularly small-scale fisheries
Jean Birks groundwater hydrology and isotope geochemistry
indigenous geographies, spatial decision-support tools
Yonas Dibike hydro-climate analysis 
Ellen Hines marine megafauna conservation, marine and coastal GIS, tropical coastal resilience, small-scale fisheries
Olav Lian
Quaternary geology of British Columbia
biogeochemical cycling in soil and long-term effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances on forest soils
food security, particularly for marginalized populations
Trisalyn Nelson spatial pattern analysis
Nathaniel Newlands mathematical modeling of environmental phenomena, spatially explicit crop yield prediction methods
aquaculture of marine invertebrates, integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA), invasive tunicates and methods for their control
marine conservation, eelgrass fish assemblage ecology, forage fish ecology, marine habitat mapping
Rick Rollins parks and protected areas, nature-based tourism, marine tourism
Tara Sharma landscape changes, shoreline monitoring, ecosystem mapping, spatial modeling, LiDAR, GIS, remote sensing, carbon budget in national parks
Kevin Telmer weathering; global element cycles; environmental geochemistry; fish microchemistry
Stephen Tyler institutional and socio-economic issues in natural resource management, climate change and adaptation, poverty reduction and resource use
Ian Walker beach-dune geomorphology
environmental policy, marine ecology and oceans policy, conservation theory

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Name Email Research interests
Barrie Bonsal hydro-climatology, climate change and variability, drought, climate impacts on hydrology
Bruce Downie protected areas; sustainable communities; community based natural resource management; nature-based tourism
Cosmin Filipescu influence of management practices and ecophysiological factors on wood properties and potential value of forest products
Sophia Johannessen geochemical oceanography, carbon cycling, contaminants, photochemistry, climate change, sediment cores, sediment traps, Strait of Georgia
Grant Murray coastal communities, marine protected areas
Patrick O'Hara seabird foraging ecology, marine conservation, maritime anthropogenic disturbances
Mark Seemann assessment of risk, hazard, vulnerability and resilience, and facilitation of community-based preparedness and response planning
Janis Shandro mitigating health and socio-economic impacts associated with the extractive industry
Pam Shaw retail geography, urban planning and land use issues, policy and legislation, social-ecological research relating to estuaries
Meghan Winters cycling health and transportation
Yi Yi isotope hydrology, organic geochemistry, paleolimnology & paleoclimatology

Cross-listed Faculty

Name Email Research interests
G. Cornelis van Kooten forest economics and management, agricultural economics, natural resource management, environmental studies