Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes
Social geographies of health

PhD (McMaster)

Office: HSD A357

I joined the faculty at the University of Victoria in July, 2010 as the inaugural Director of Health Education and Research. Prior to coming to UVic, I spent 22 years at Simon Fraser University in the Department of Geography and, in 2004, as a founding member of the Faculty of Health Sciences. I was co-founding editor of the journal Health and Place.

At UVic, I have appointments in the School of Public Health and Social Policy in the Faculty of Human and Social Development, in the Division of Medical Sciences, in addition to my appointment in the Department of Geography.

I was a non-governmental representative on the Federal- Provincial- Territorial Advisory Committee on Population Health (2001-2006) and a member of the Public Health Agency of Canada Expert Advisory Committee on Population Health Promotion (2006-2008).


My research interests concern social geographies of health from a life-course perspective. I am particularly interested in health inequities and urban structure, social gradients in health outcomes, disability and public policy. I have also done research on childhood obesity and on newspaper coverage on ‘health’ in Canada. I have co-edited 3 books.


Faces of UVic Research video

In this video, Dr. Hayes describes his research into the distribution of health outcomes in populations. He also discusses ways other than the health care system to even the health outcome distribution across populations.