Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Research Contact Supervisor

Matthew Asplin David Atkinson

Heather Bryan Chris Darimont

Andrew Bateman Chris Darimont

Fernando Carvajal Vallejos

Mark Flaherty
Melanie Clapham Chris Darimont
Kim Davies Dave Duffus
Aerin Jacob Studying how natural and human disturbances affect biodiversity and ecosystem services Chris Darimont
Lauren McWhinnie Rosaline Canessa
Wiebe Nijland Analyzing spatial information and patterns in the 100 islands on the central coast of BC to blend the theories of island biogeography and ecosystem subsidies Trisalyn Nelson
Ahmad Shakibaei

Numerical modelling of hydrodynamic, sediment / contaminant transport and ice dynamic for cold region rivers Terry Prowse
Karyn Suchy  Maycira Costa
Nazim Uddin

Assessment of livelihoods and health status of informal recyclers (waste pickers) in Mongolia and Bangladesh. Research interests: global water, waste management; sustainable sanitation; household wastewater management, disaster management; community development Jutta Gutberlet