Find a student

Hiring and working with a co-op student is easy and we provide much support along the way!

Co-op terms typically begin at the start of January, May, and September and usually last 4 or 8 months. In short, the co-op process is:

  • Develop a job description and send it to us:
  • Shortlist and interview your top candidates (we can coordinate all the logistics)
  • Let us know who you would like to hire
  • Meet your new employee and discuss your work expectations and their learning objectives
  • Support their learning and work performance
  • Discuss the student's progress with a Co-op Coordinator during a midterm meeting
  • Evaluate the student's performance and learning at the end of the co-op term –co-op employers are co-educators so have input towards the student's grade

Contact the Geography Co-op Coordinator, Helen Kobrc at or 250-721-7358 for more information.

If you would like to find a student volunteer, hire a graduate, or hire for a casual position, please contact Career Services at .

If you would like to participate in an on-campus recruitment initiative (career fair, information session), contact Amy Van Zant, Marketing & Events Coordinator at or 250-721-8840.