Specialist Instructor Positions

These positions are paid employment opportunities through CUPE Local 4163 and, as such, your commitments as a Specialist Instructor (SI) will run through the dates as stated in the position postings. You are expected to fulfill all of your duties and responsibilities as a Specialist Instructor within those dates, so do not make any travel plans without first verifying your work schedule with the course instructor. If you feel that you cannot meet your commitments during this period due to an extended planned absence from the campus, then please do not apply for a position.

For those of you who have been offered to teach labs through your letter of offer, it is very important that you let John know if you will not be taking an SI position so that he can offer your labs to other grad students.

January 2021 Specialist Instructor Positions

Application Procedure

  1. Carefully read through the position description and course description and/or the course outline. Consider the hours of the position (the lab schedules for lab instructor positions and the total hours for marking assistant positions) as well as the background knowledge required to be successful in the position.
  2. When you are ready to apply, please submit a completed application form, your CV, and any other supporting documentation that lists relevant qualifications and experience pertinent to the position(s) to John at geogao@uvic.ca before the application deadline noted below. 
  3. Successful applicants will receive position offers as soon as possible after the application deadline. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned a position(s) based on your preferences.

Application deadline: Noon on Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Position Postings - SECOND TERM 2021
VARIOUS Various courses: GEOG 100, GEOG 301, GEOG 306, GEOG 353, GEOG 358 1 marking assistant position per course
GEOG 101A Environment, Society and Sustainability 3 lab instructor positions
GEOG 101B Space, Place and Society 4 lab instructor positions
GEOG 103 Introduction to Physical Geography 5 lab instructor positions

GEOG 218

Social & Cultural Geography 4 lab instructor positions
GEOG 222 Introduction to Maps and GIS 3 lab instructor positions
GEOG 226 Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Geography 4 lab instructor positions
GEOG 228 Introduction  to Remote Sensing 4 lab instructor positions
GEOG 276 Introduction to Geomorphology 4 lab instructor positions
GEOG 322 Digital Remote Sensing 2 lab instructor positions
GEOG 328 GIS Analysis 3 lab instructor positions
GEOG 329 GIS Applications and Tools 1 lab instructor position
GEOG 370 Hydrology 2 lab instructor positions
GEOG 373 Applied Climatology 2 lab instructor positions
GEOG 422 Advanced Topics in Remote Sensing 1 lab instructor position
GEOG 428 Advanced Topics in Geographic Information Systems 2 lab instructor positions