Honours students and supervisors


Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Sam Seshadri "Policy Issues in Canadian In-Vitro Fertilization Funding: Cost-Effectiveness & Labour Market Outcome Perspectives"
Keith Kirchner "Migration to Fossil Fuel Producing Regions in Canada"
Jon Loeppky "The Effects of Culture Matching in Out-Of-Home Placements on Métis Children"
Alyssa Russell "Damage Functions and the Social Cost of Carbon Under the Representative Concentration Pathways"
Jacob Macauley "Terrorism and Innovation"
Aidan Ormond "Within-Country Income Inequality and Climate Change"
David Weaver "The Impact of Municipal Police Expenditure on Crime and Clearance Rates"
Yvonne Wu "The Causal Effect of Education on Crime in Canada: A Difference-in-Difference Approach"
Adam Gorchinsky "The Grizzly Truth: Does Banning Grizzly Bear Hunting Lead to an Increase in Black Bear Hunting?"


Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Sartaj Dale “The Impact of a Female Targeted Educational Stipend on Children's Mortality in Bangladesh” (paper) Nilanjana Roy
Jamie Emery

“The Impact of Tobacco Taxes on Household Food Insecurity and Food Expenditure” (paper)

Chris Auld
Deaglan Jakob

“Do Taxes on Foreign Purchasers Lower Housing Prices? Evidence from British Columbia” (paper)

Rob Gillezeau
Kaley Jiang

“Forecasting Social Cost of Carbon and Atmospheric Temperature Using the DICE 20162R Model” (paper)

G.C. van Kooten
Daniel Lake

“Living Learning Communities and University Student Success: Do Themed Residence Floors Positively Impact Students?” (paper)

Maggie Jones
Jerome Lyons “Minimum Wage Impacts from a Prespecified Research Design: Canada 1996-2010” (paper) Rob Gillezeau and Maggie Jones
Brennan McLachlan “Climate Change and Crop Yields: The Interaction Between CO2 and Temperature” (paper) Kees van Kooten
Jayden Peng “Estimating the Economic Impacts of Wildfires on County GDP Growth in the US” (paper) Felix Pretis
Sina Seyed-Ali “Evolution of Common Law: Torts & Negligence Standards” (paper) David Scoones and Linda Welling
William Thomas "Impacts of Carbon Pricing Policies on Manufacturing Sectors: A Further Investigation of the BC Carbon Tax" (paper) Felix Pretis
Anke Wang “Are the Dimensions of the Human Development Index (HDI) Important in Explaining Subjective Well-being (SWB)?” (paper) Merwan Engineer
Jinghong Wu

“A Fractionally Cointegrated VAR Analysis of Price Discovery in Bitcoin Spot and Futures Markets” (paper)

Ke Xu


Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Taryn Blaney

"Artificial Intelligence and Automation: Effects of Worker-Replacing Technology" (paper)

Nicole Bruce

"Impacts of Subsidized Childcare on BMI in the Long-run" (paper)

Mackenzie Cumberland

"Can She Really Have It All? Gendered Differences in How Work Influences Well-being" (paper)

Hector Demarco

"An Udder One Bites the Dust: Optimal Grazing Management and Land Degradation" (paper)

Amrit Hayer

"Does Experiencing Natural Disasters Affect Climate Change Opinions?" (paper)

Bruna Kopik

“Your Cheque is in the Mail: Remittances and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Honduras" (paper)

Kehan Liu

"How Land Prices Affect House Prices in 4 Major Chinese Cities" (paper)

Maxwell Nicholson

"Using Resale or Refunds to Solve Inefficiencies in the Airline Industry" (paper)

Ryan Scott

"Foundations for an Economic Model of Echo Chambers" (paper)

Carlo Tolentino

"A Theoretical Model of the Public-Private Provision of Security Goods Against Crime" (paper)

Brooklynn Trimble

"E-Cigarettes, Cigarettes, and Obesity: An Interaction of Epidemics" (paper)

Jeff Yang

"How Aging and Health Conditions Affect the Asset Holdings of Chinese Seniors" (paper)


Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Alison Bell

“Autonomous Vehicles: Modelling the Impact of their Adoption on Equilibrium Driving Behaviour" (paper)

Tessa Devakos

“Representative Identity and Policy Outcomes for Equity-Seeking Groups" (paper)

Jacob Dolinar

"Assessing the Canadian Housing Market: A User Cost Approach" (paper)

Luke Frymire

"Long Term Outcomes of Treaty Quality for Native Americans" (paper)

Bryan Heidinger

“The Out-of-Sample Exchange Rate Predicitive Ability of Macroeconomic Fundamentals" (paper)

Emma Kinakin

"Pulling the Plug on Carbon Emissions: A Safety Valve Policy Under Uncertainty" (paper)

Trevor Knechtel

“The Optimal Harvesting Schedule of At Risk Biological Stocks: A Patchy Epidemic Model" (paper)

Paul Lalonde

“Reform Madness: Crime in the Changing Landscape of Marijuana Regulation" (paper)

Dr. Chris Auld
Jingqing Liu

"The Incentive to Report Sexual Harassment: A Game Theoretic Approach" (paper)

Ben Lukenchuk

“Responses to the Opioid Crisis in the Presence of Substitutes: Canadian Evidence from the Introduction of Oxy Neo" (paper)

Sydney Rowe

“Off-Reserve Income: An Examination of the First Nation-Metis Income Gap" (paper)

Jiqui Sun

"The Effect of the Chinese Third Judicial Interpretation of Marriage Law on the Sex Ratio at Birth" (paper)

Dr. Linda Welling


Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Armon Alamolhoda

“Estimating the Effect of the 'Zero Lower Bound' on the Term Structure of Interest Rates in Canada" (paper)

Juan Pablo Mendez Campos

“Violent versus Non-Violent Political Protests: A Case Study from the American Civil Rights Movement" (paper)

Jonathan French

"Exchange Rate Variations, Volatility, and Manufacturing Investment in Canada" (paper)

Thomas Kempster

"Bilingualism and Productivity in Metropolitan Areas: Evidence from the Canadian Census" (paper)

Morgan Kidd

“Does News Affect Intraday Foreign Exchange Market Volatility? A Genetic Algorithms Approach" (paper)

Adam McKenna

"Artisanal Gold Mining and Civil Conflict: A Time-Series, Cross-Country Analysis" (paper)

Cherry Pongpaiboon

“The Effect of Economic Conditions on Self-Employment in Canada" (paper)

Alyssa Savage

“Land Access and its Impact on Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Modelling Knowledge and Harvest Sharing in Indigenous Communities" (paper)

Dr. Donna Feir & Dr. Peter Kennedy
Jiayi Wang

"Associations between Levels and Rates of Change of Health with Schooling in China" (paper)

Duncan Whyte

“Intergenerational Trade and Altruism in a Climate Change Model" (paper)

Zach Williams

“Drafting their Way to Success? Draft Rank and Team Success in the National Hockey League" (paper)

Wantong (Michelle) Wong

"The Effect of Seismic Hazard Risk on Property Values: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity" (paper)

Dr. Martin Farnham


Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Alex Amstutz

“Input Source Allocation in Foreign Direct Investments with Expropriation Risk:  China in Africa” (paper)

Alistair Campbell

“Is there an Environmental Kuznets Curve for Mercury in Non-industrialised Countries with Small-Scale Gold Mining?” (paper)

Dr. Merwan Engineer
Rui Chen

“X-efficiency of Chinese Listed Commercial Banks:  A Recursive Thick Frontier Approach” (paper)

Nigel Figueiredo

“Predicting Current Auto Sales in Canada using Google” (paper)

Jeremy Harms

“Strategic Voting in Canadian Elections” (paper)

Robert Keel

" Housing Wealth and Angel Investing:  Empirical Evidence from British Columbia" (paper)

Alexander Lam

" A Theory of Social Norms and Migration" (paper)

Sydney McIvor

“Differentials in Wage Equity Between the Public and Private Sectors” (paper)

Mark McNaughton

"Financing of Major Road Infrastructure Projects in Victoria:  Welfare Implications of the  Johnson Street Bridge and McKenzie Interchange” (paper)

Dr. Martin Farnham & Dr. Elisabeth Gugl
Eric Moisan

“Age of Onset and Compliance with Type 1 Diabetes Management”  (paper)

Grace Montemurro

"The Impact of Corrugated Cardboard & Plastics on Aggregate Waste in CRD" (paper)

Colin Scarffe

“The Effects of Education on the Intergenerational Transmission of Partisanship” (paper)

Janet Whitney-Brown

“Choosing Life Together:  Modelling Communities Among Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (paper)

Yaning Zhang

"Developing Environmental Accountability Through Consumer's Preference:  An Example from the Oil Industry"  (paper)


Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Jacob Genert

"Economics of the Poor: Comparing Underdeveloped and Developed Economies using the Solow Model" (pdf)

Maya Kryzan

"The Spatial Price Equilibrium Model:  International Trade of Liquefied Natural Gas" (pdf)

Craig Logan

"Weather Index as a Guide to Facilitate Planting of Winter Wheat in Saskatchewan" (pdf)

Patrick Musgrave

"Zoning Bylaws and Market-Entry Induced Price Increases in an Elastic Hotelling Model" (pdf)

Sabrina Staples

"Culture and Economic Development: The Case of Aboriginal Languages" (pdf)

Carolyn Tsao

"Patent-complement Feasibility: Incentives for Developing Neglected Disease Treatments" (pdf)

Wesley Warthe-Anderson

"Remittance Fees: Everyone Pays a Price"  (pdf)

Jiang Zhu

"The Long Term Consequences of Early Childhood Malnutrition in the Context of the Great Chinese Famine” (pdf)


Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Chen, Louisa "The Volatility of the Price of Gold:  An Application of Extreme Value Theory" pdf
Davies, Darryl "The Curious Case of Buying Bitcoin:  Is Bitcoin volatility driven by online search?" pdf
Garmulewicz, Nicholas "The Power of Commodity Prices Over Canada's Real Exchange Rate Dynamics" pdf
Munro, Brodie "The Economics of Waste Management:  Advance Disposal Fees in British Columbia" pdf
Power, Ray "Gender Preferences and Education:  How Parental Preferences Affect Child Educational Outcomes" pdf /
Verdun, Zoey "Parental Perceptions on Nutritious School Lunches: An insight into Childhood Overweight" pdf
Wever, Rachel Marie "Political Economy of Resource Extraction: An Application to BC" pdf
Williamson, Tori "Firm Response to a Labour Demand Shock:  The 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, BC" pdf


Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Clarke, Dania "Earthquake Risk and Housing Prices: A Hedonic Analysis of the Victoria Real Estate Market" pdf
Duan, Jun "Does Question Generation Help Students?" pdf
Lai, Man Wan "Event Study Analysis: Is Cooperating with Rivals a Good Idea?" pdf
Liu, Xuan (Sheri) "The Role of Experience in Entrepreneurial Optimism - Evidence from Early-Stage Firms" pdf
MacNeil, Stephen "Decomposing China's GDP Growth: The importance of productiviity and investment rate changes in explaining output per worker growth in China?" pdf
Mow, Monica "The Canadian dollar as a commodity currency: Has the relationship changed?" pdf
Persson, Derrick "Foreign Ownership in the Canadian Oil Sands: A General Equilibrium Approach" pdf
Ruan, Haodong "Impact of U.S. Quantitative Easing Policy on Chinese Inflation - A Vector Autoregression Analysis" pdf &

2011 - 2012

Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Agbay, Matthew "Gold and Civil Conflict: Is there a Resource Curse?" pdf
Chicoine, Alisha "The Financial Burden of Prescription Drug Expenditures:
A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Publicly Provided Plans in Canada
" pdf
Hackinen, Brad "Does repeated application of the Kaldor-Hicks criterion generate Pareto improvements?" pdf /
Heredia, Luis Fernando "Collective Organization for Public Good Provision: The Case of Wikipedia" pdf
McBurnie, Johanna "Investigating the Role of Money: The Case of Salt Spring Dollars" pdf
Megenbir, Levi "Relative Tax Burdens, Suburbanization, and the
Efficiency of Local Public Good Provision
" pdf
Okhiria, Onosetale "Parental insurance policies and self-employment: the effect of the Quebec parental insurance plan on the propensity of being self-employed" pdf
Petersen, Garrett "Rational Voters and Public Sector Unions" pdf
Taylor, Samantha "Microfinance and Extreme Poverty: Why the Extreme Poor are Left Out" pdf
Viney, Keenan "The Provincial Effects and Transmission of Canadian Monetary Policy" pdf

2010 - 2011

Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Berthelot, Kelly "The Effects of Social Incentives on Common-Pool Resource Decisions"
Bicknell, Hillary "Gender Differentiated Occupational Choice in Child Labour"
Edwards, Steven "Effects of the Bayh Dole Act on Private Research Investment"
Gaw, Tim "The Employment Effects of the Harmonized Sales Tax: Evidence from the Reform in Atlantic Canada"
Kan, Laurie "Welfare Cheques, Substance Use, and Health: Evidence from Victoria Emergency Departments"
Levy, Robert "Gold's role in the Determination of Currencies"
Mollard, Andrew "Bank of Canada Interest Rate Announcements and the Announcement Effect on the Exchange Rate"
Robertson, Alyssa "Name Brand Donation: Determining the Attributes that Cause an Individual to Donate to Non-Profit Organizations"
Sim, John "An Economic Analysis of the Canada Research Chair Program"
Shantz, Jessica "Designing an Effective Border Adjustment within the WTO Legal Framework"

2009 - 2010

Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Chen, Scott “Harris Todaro Model in China with Endogenous Migration Policy” pdf
Hsai, Sandra “Bank Runs and Interest Rates” pdf
Lee, Samuel “Simulating the Impact on Family Welfare of a Tax Regime Shift: Individual Taxation to Income Splitting” pdf
Najjar, Nouri "Optimal Pollution Abatement Policy: Consequences for Urban Labour Demand" pdf
Shirazi-Kia, Shiva “Do Expectations Matter? An Experimental Analysis of Trust and Reciprocity” pdf
Termes, Taylor "Bundling and Standardization: The Blu-ray/HD-DVD Case" /
Usher, Andrew “Hide and Seek: Search Costs as a Screen in Angel Capital” pdf /
Vodden, Mark “The Distributional Consequences of Carbon Pricing in Canada” pdf

2008 - 2009

Student name Thesis title Supervisor
Aggor, Edinam "Exchange rate Determination in Ghana"
Argatoff, Sandra "Beauty Premiums and Discrimination in the Labour Market"
Behan, Gordon "Salary Determination in the Post-lockout NHL: A Quantile Regression Approach"
Child, Travers "Deconstructive Reconstruction"
Craig, Andrea  "How the Carbon Tax is Making Consumers Drive Further: The Effect of the Gasoline Price Differential on Cross-Boarder shopping By Canadians"
Gillis, Mark "Running to Deposit Insurance: Regulatory Competition Via Deposit Insurance"
Hu, Ran   "Pricing and Hedging in CME Futures Housing Market: A Survey of How we Price Futures and a Test in the San Diego Housing Market"
Janes, Michael  "Uncertainty and Punishment: A Public Goods Experiment"
Karp, David  "Choice and the placebo effect of prices"
Makienko, Roman "Conservative Banks vs. Aggressive Venture Capitalists"     
Schwartz, Jacob "Anglo-Dutch Auctions: Fostering Entry in License Auctions With Incumbency"
Sheeley, Mark "Is Certifying Worth the Effort?"
Zhang, Hanyue "An Introduction to Copula Functions and their Application in Studying the Dependence of the international Equity Markets"