Department discussion papers


  • 20-03: "The Philosophical Foundation of Mainstream Macroeconomics" Sheila Dow (paper)
  • 20-02: "Do Wealth Shocks Matter for the Life Satisfaction of the Elderly? Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study," Marco Cozzi with Qiushan Li (paper)
  • 20-01: "Alfred Marshall, Evolutionary Economics and Climate Change: Raffaelli Lecture,” Sheila Dow  (paper)


  • 19-01: "Has the Canadian Public Debt Been Too High? A Quantitative Assessment," (paper)
  • 19-02: "Old-Age Income Support, Human Capital Investment, and Efficiency: Rotten Kid Theorem Meets Samaritan's Dilemma," (paper)
  • 19-03: "Earning Risks, Parental Schooling Investment, and Old-Age Income Support from Children," (paper)
  • 19-04: "Inequalities in Test Scores Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Youth in Canada," and Michael Barber (paper)


  • 18-01: "Estimating Institutionalization and Homelessness for Status First Nations in Canada: A Method and Implications," and Randall Akee (paper)
  • 18-02: "First People Lost: Determining the State of Status First Nations Mortality in Canada using Administrative Data,' and Randall Akee (paper)
  • 18-03: "Optimal Capital Taxation with Incomplete Markets and Schumpeterian Growth," (paper)
  • 18-04: "Efficiency Units of Labour: Life-Cycle Profiles Estimates from the CPS 1987-2017," (paper)
  • 18-05: "Monetary Reform, Central Banks and Digital Currencies," Sheila Dow (paper)
  • 18-06: "Illuminating Indigenous Economic Development," , and (paper).
  • 18-07: "Normalized CES Supply Systems: Replication of Klump, McAdam, and Willman (2007)," (paper)
  • 18-08: "Are Factor Biases and Substitution Identifiable? The Canadian Evidence," and Jiang Li (paper)
  • 18-09: "Public Funding of Research and Grant Proposals in the Social Sciences: Empirical Evidence from Canada" (paper)


  • 17-01: "The Slaughter of the Bison and Reversal of Fortunes on the Great Plains," , and Maggie Jones (paper)
  • 17-02: "The Impact of Introducing Formal Childcare Services on Labour Force Participation in Inuit Nunangat," and Jasmin Thomas (paper)
  • 17-03: "The Effect of Indian Residential Schools on Height and Body Mass Post-1930," Donna Feir and Christopher Auld (paper)
  • 17-04: "Illuminating Economic Development in Indigenous Communities," Donna Feir, Rob Gillezeau and Maggie Jones (paper)


  • 16-01: "Job Displacement Risk and Severance Pay,"


  • 15-01: "The Intergenerational Effect of Forcible Assimilation Policy on Education," (paper)


  • 14-01: "The Relationship Between Central Banks and Governments: What Are Central Banks For?," Sheila C. Dow (paper)
  • 14-02: "Gender Bias and Child Labor in LDCs," and Emma Underhill (paper)
  • 14-03: "The Dynamics of Rural Non-farm Employment in India: Gender, Agricultural Productivity, and Literacy," and Kam Shergill (paper)
  • 14-04: "Education and Cross-Country Productivity Differences," and Brianne Kober (paper)
  • 14-05: "Samaritan's Dilemma, Time-Inconsistency and Foreign Aid: A Review of Theoretical Models," (paper)
  • 14-06: "Foreign Aid, Incentives and Efficiency: Can Foreign Aid Lead to Efficient Level of Investment?," (paper)
  • 14-07: "Do Fans Care about Compliance to Doping Regulations in Sports? The Impact of PED Suspension in Baseball," Jeffrey Cisyk and y (paper)


  • 13-01: "The Long Term Effects of Forcible Assimilation Policy: The Case of Indian Boarding Schools," (pdf paper).
  • 13-02: "Inflation, Redistribution and Real Activities," (pdf paper).
  • 13-03: "Labor Markets, Unemployment and Optimal Inflation," (pdf paper).


  • 12-01: "National and Provincial Inflation in Canada: Experiences under Inflation Targeting," M. Chaban and G. M. Voss (pdf paper).
  • 12-02: "Community Preferences, Insurgency, and the Success Reconstruction Spending," David Scoones and Travers Barclay Child (pdf paper).
  • 12-03: "Winning Hearts and Minds: Public Good Provision in the Shadow of Insurgency," (pdf paper).
  • 12-04: "Uncertainty-Denial," Sheila C. Dow (pdf paper).


  • 11-01: "Flexible Inflation Forecast Targeting: Evidence from Canada," Glenn D. Otto and Graham M. Voss (pdf paper).



  • 09-01: "The USDA Graduate School: Government Training in Statistics and Economics, 1921-1945," Malcolm Rutherford (pdf paper).
  • 09-02: "Strict and Flexible Inflation Forecast Targets: An Empirical Investigation," Glenn Otto & Graham Voss (pdf paper).
  • 09-03: "Share the Gain, Share the Pain? Almost Transferable Utility, Changes in Production Possibilities and Bargaining Solutions," Elisabeth Gugl & Justin Leroux (pdf paper). [Note: This paper replaces DDP0705.]


  • 08-01: "The Early Bird gets the Worm? Birth Order Effects in a Dynamic Model of the Family," Elisabeth Gugl & Linda Welling (pdf paper). Forthcoming in Economic Inquiry
    [Note: This paper replaces DDP0710.]
  • 08-02: "Why Larger Lenders Obtain Higher Returns: Evidence From Sovereign Syndicated Loans," I. Hallak & P. Schure (pdf paper).


  • 07-01: "The Impact of Income Splitting on Intrafamily Distribution in a Dynamic Family Bargaining Model," Elisabeth Gugl (forthcoming in Canadian Journal of Economics, as "Income Splitting, Specialization, and Intrafamily Distribution")
  • 07-02: "Almost Transferable Utility, Changes in Production Possibilities, and the Nash Bargaining and the Kalai-Smorodinsky Solutions," Elisabeth Gugl (pdf paper)
  • 07-03: "When the Powerful Drag Their Feet," Paul Schure, Francesco Passarelli & David Scoones (pdf paper)
  • 07-04: "Self-Employment and Labor Market Policies," Alok Kumar & Herbert J. Schuetze (pdf paper)
  • 07-05: "Share the Gain, Share the Pain? Almost Transferable Utility, Changes in Production," Elisabeth Gugl (pdf paper)
  • 07-06: "Multiagent System Platform for Auction Simulations," Alan Mehlenbacher (pdf paper)
  • 07-07: "Multiagent System Simulations of Sealed-Bid Auctions with Two-Dimensional Value Signals," Alan Mehlenbacher (pdf paper)
  • 07-08: "Multiagent System Simulations of Signal Averaging in English Auctions with Two-Dimensional Value Signals," Alan Mehlenbacher (published in Computational Economics, 34, 119-143)
  • 07-09: "Multiagent System Simulations of Treasury Auctions," Alan Mehlenbacher (published in Computational Economics, 34, 67-117)
  • 07-10: "The Early Bird gets the Worm? Birth Order Effects in a Dynamic Model of the Family," Elisabeth Gugl & Linda Welling (pdf paper)
    [Note: This paper has been replaced by DDP0801.]



  • 01-01: "Who's Minding the Kids? An Economic Comparison of Sole and Joint Custody," Linda Welling & Marci Bearance (pdf paper)
  • 01-02: "Overlapping Generations Models of Graded Age-Group Societies: Economics Meets Ethnography," Merwan Engineer & Linda Welling (pdf paper)
  • 01-03: "Institutional Economics at Columbia University," Malcolm Rutherford (pdf paper)
  • 01-04: "Walton Hamilton, Amherst, and the Brookings Graduate School: Institutonal Economics and Education," Malcolm Rutherford (pdf paper)


  • 99-01: "Institutionalism as 'Scientific' Economics," Malcolm Rutherford (pdf paper) (Published, in R. Backhouse and J. Creedy (eds.), From Classical Economics to the Theory of the Firm: Essays in Honour of D. P. O'Brien, 1999).


  • 98-01: "The Underground Economy: Minimizing the Size of Government," David E.A. Giles (pdf paper and figures) (Published, H. Grubel (ed.), How to Spend the Fiscal Dividend: What is the Optimal Size of Government?, 1998)
  • 98-02: "Testing for Unit Roots With Missing Observations," Kevin F. Ryan & David E. A. Giles (Published, T.B. Fomby and R.C. Hill (eds.), Advances in Econometrics, 1998) (pdf paper and figures).
  • 98-03: "Modelling the Tax Compliance Profiles of New Zealand Firms: Evidence From Audit Records," David E.A. Giles (pdf paper), (Published, G.W. Scully & P.J. Caragata (eds.), Taxation and the Limits of Government, 2000).


  • 97-01: "The Evolution of Money as a Medium of Exchange," Rosemary Luo
  • 97-02: "Learning About Environmental Damage: Implications for Emissions Trading," Peter W. Kennedy
  • 97-03: "Underemployment, Unemployment, and Job Vacancy Dynamics," John Kennes
  • 97-04: "Matching Inexperience With Experience," John Kennes
  • 97-05: "Entrepreneurs in Search Equilibrium," John Kennes
  • 97-06: "Human Capital Vintages, Coordination and Economic Progress," Peter W. Kennedy and Ian P. King
  • 97-07: "An Analysis of Import Protection as Export Protection Under Economies of Scale," Anming Zhang
  • 97-08: "The Hidden Economy and the Tax-Gap in New Zealand: A Latent Variable Analysis," David E. A. Giles
  • 97-09: "Human Capital, True Love and Gender Roles : Is Sex Destiny?," Merwan H. Engineer & Linda Welling (To appear in Journal of Economic behaviour and Organisation, 1999)
  • 97-10: "The Rise and Fall of the New Zealand Underground Economy: Are the Responses Symmetric?," David E. A. Giles (Published in Applied Economics Letters, 1998)
  • 97-11: "The Relative Importance of Money and Credit Channel of the Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy," Shigeyoshi Miyagawa and Yohji Morita
  • 97-12: "Concession Revenue and Optimal Airport Pricing," Anming Zhang and Yimin Zhang
  • 97-13: "Hedonics, Implicit Markets, and Demand Analysis: The Implicit Demand for Baseball Player Characteristics," Kenneth G. Stewart and J.C.H. Jones
  • 97-14: Competition Within a Cartel: League Conduct and Team Conduct in the Market for Baseball Player Services," Donald G. Ferguson, J.C.H. Jones, and Kenneth G. Stewart


  • 96-01: "Transaction Costs and Competing Currencies," Merwan Engineer
  • 96-02: "Costly Transfer Institutions and the Core in an Overlapping Generations Model," Merwan Engineer, Joan Esteban & Józsf Sákovics
  • 96-03: "Bargaining-Induced Transaction Demand for Fiat Money," Merwan Engineer & Shouyon Shi
  • 96-04: "Causality Between the Measured and Underground Economies in New Zealand," David E.A. Giles (Published, Applied Economics Letters, 1997) (pdf paper)
  • 96-05: "The Effects of Airline Codesharing Agreements on Firm Conduct and International Air Fares," Tae Hoon Oum, Jong-Hun Park and Anming Zhang
  • 96-06: "An Analysis of Fortress Hubs in Airline Networks," Anming Zhang
  • 96-07: "The Hidden Economy and Tax-Evasion Prosecutions in New Zealand," David E. A. Giles (Published, Applied Economics Letters, 1996) (pdf paper)
  • 96-08: "Applying the RESET Test in Allocation Models: A Cautionary Note," David E. A. Giles & Andrea S. Keil (Published, Applied Economics Letters, 1996) (pdf paper)
  • 96-09: "The Exact Risks of Some Pre-Test and Stein-Type Regression Estimators Under Balanced Loss," Judith A. Giles, David E. A. Giles & Kazuhiro Ohtani. (Published, Communications in Statistics, A, 1996) (postscript paper; figures)
  • 96-10: "Testing for Asymmetry in the Measured and Underground Business Cycles in New Zealand," David E. A. Giles (Published, Economic Record, 1997) (pdf paper; Figure 1; Figure 2a; Figure 2b; Figure 3a; Figure 3b; Figure 4a; Figure 4b)
  • 96-11: "Cities on the Sea: Communication and Concentration in Modern Japan," Carl A. Mosk
  • 96-12: "Diagnostic Testing in Econometrics: Variable Addition, RESET, and Fourier Approximations," Linda F. DeBenedictis & David E.A. Giles (Published in A. Ullah & D.E.A. Giles (eds.), Handbook of Applied Economic Statistics, Marcel Dekker, New York, 1998)


  • 95-01: "Equilibrium Incentives for Cleaner Technology Adoption Under Emissions Pricing," Peter Kennedy & Benoit Laplante
  • 95-02: "Exact Testing in Multivariate Regression," Kenneth G. Stewart
  • 95-03: "Optimal Airport Pricing in a Hub-and-Spoke System," Tae Hoon Oum, Anming Zhang & Yimin Zhang (Published, Transportation Research, B, 1996)
  • 95-04: "Parental Externalities and the Provision of Childcare," Peter Kennedy & Linda Welling (Published, Canadian Journal of Economics, 1997)
  • 95-05: "Do Sting Operations Reduce the Incidence of Crime"?," Linda Welling & Christopher Bruce
  • 95-06: "Capital Structure and Socially Optimal Capacity in Oligopoly: The Case of the Airline Industry," Tae Hoon Oum, Anming Zhang & Yimin Zhang
  • 95-07: "Income Distribution in the United States: Kuznets' Inverted U-Hypothesis and Data Non-Stationarity," Peter Jacobsen & David Giles (Published, Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 1998)
  • 95-08: "A Vector Autoregressive Model of the British Columbia Regional Economy," Linda DeBenedictis (Published, Applied Economics, 1997)
  • 95-09: "Stability of Cournot-Nash Equilibrium: The Multiproduct Case," A. Zhang & Y. Zhang (Published, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 1996)


  • 94-01: "Airline Network Rivalry," Tae Hoon Oum, Anming Zhang, & Yimin Zhang (Published in Canadian Journal of Economics, 1995)
  • 94-02: "Demographic Regionalism: Challenge and Response in Prewar Japan," Carl Mosk
  • 94-03: "Household Structure and Labour Markets in Prewar Japan," Carl Mosk (Published in Journal of Family History, 1995)
  • 94-04: "Fertility in the Japanese Health Transition," Carl Mosk
  • 94-05: "The Exact Risk Performance of a Pre-Test Estimator in a Heteroscedastic Linear Regression Model Under a Balanced Loss Function," Kazuhiro Ohtani, Judith Giles & David Giles (Published in Econometric Reviews, 1997)
  • 94-06: "Salary Determination in the National Hockey League: An Empirical Exploration of Ethnicity Effects," J. Colin Jones, Serge Nadeau & William Walsh
  • 94-07: "Alternative Strategies for 'Augmenting' the Dickey-Fuller Test: Size Robustness in the Face of Pre-Testing," Johannah L. Dods & David E.A. Giles (Published in Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 1995)
  • 94-08: "Tax Competition and Specialization," Linda Welling
  • 94-09: "Another Look at the Evidence on Foreign Aid Led Economic Growth," Judith Giles (Published in Applied Economics Letters, 1994)
  • 94-10: "Rethinking Sustainability," Peter Kennedy
  • 94-11: "Municipal Solid Waste Management: The Optimal Pricing of Garbage and Recyclables Collection," Peter Kennedy & Benoit Laplante
  • 94-12: "A Competitive Theory of Labour Market Dynamics," Randall Gouge & Ian King (Published in Review of Economic Studies, 1996)
  • 94-13: "Various Taxes for Social Security and Their Different Impacts on Growth," Jie Zhang
  • 94-14: "Public Investment in Children, Growth and Fertility," Jie Zhang
  • 94-15: "Testing the Significance of a Regressor After a Pre-test for (G)ARCH Errors," Judith Giles


  • 93-01: "Equilibrium Pollution Taxes in Open Economies With Perfect Competition," Peter Kennedy (Published in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 1994)
  • 93-02: "No Blank Bottom: Sliding Scale Contracts In the British Coal and Iron and Steel Industries 1850-1913," Nancy South
  • 93-03: "Search, Unemployment and Growth," Ian King & Linda Welling (Published in Journal of Monetary Economics, 1995)
  • 93-04: "Household Economy, Productivity and Unrest in Rural Japan, 1918-1940," Carl Mosk
  • 93-05: "Competition in Airline Networks: The Case of Constant Elasticity Demands," Anming Zhang & X. Wei (Published in Economics Letters, 1993)
  • 93-06: "Efficiency Wage Productivity Gain: The Japanese farm Household During the Interwar period," Carl Mosk
  • 93-07: "Autocorrelation Pre-Testing Using a Balanced Loss Function," Matthew Cunneen & Judith Giles
  • 93-08: "The Robustness of ARCH-GARCH Tests for First-Order Autocorrelation," Michael J. Sullivan & David E.A. Giles (Published in Journal of Quantitative Economics, 1995)
  • 93-09: "On the Estimation of Regression 'Goodness of Fit' Under Absolute Error Loss," Kazuhiro Ohtani & David Giles (Published in Journal of Quantitative Economics, 1996)
  • 93-10: "The Expectations Theory of the Term Structure: A Cointegration/Causality Analysis of U.S. Interest Rates," Robert Mandeno & David Giles (Published in Journal of Financial Economics, 1995)


  • 92-01: "Ponzi Games, Dynamic Inefficiency and Endogenous Growth," I. King (Published, with D.G. Ferguson, in Journal of Monetary Economics, 1993)
  • 92-02: "Investment Decisions Under First and Second Price Auctions," I. King, R.P. McAfee & L. Welling (Published in Economics Letters, 1992)
  • 92-03: "Languages as Communication Technologies," I. King & J. Church (Published in Canadian Journal of Economics, 1993)
  • 92-04: "Education, Labor Segmentation and Occupational Specialization in Postwar Japan," C. Mosk
  • 92-05: "Japanese Unions and Sunto Collective Bargaining: A Doleful Tale of Accumulation, 1954-1990," C. Mosk
  • 92-06: "Gift Exchange and Labor Segmentation in Prewar Japan," C. Mosk
  • 92-07: "Industrial Blackmail: Dynamic Tax Competition and Public Investment," I. King (Published in Canadian Journal of Economics, 1993)
  • 92-08: "Limited Rationality and Industrial Organization Design," P. Kennedy
  • 92-09: "Performance Pay, Productivity and Morale," P. Kennedy
  • 92-10: "A Demand Externality in the Adoption of Cleaner Technologies," P. Kennedy
  • 92-11: "On Violence in Professional Team Sports as the Endogenous Result of Profit Maximization," K.G. Stewart, D.G. Ferguson & J.C.H. Jones
  • 92-12: "Pollution Policy: The Role for Publicly Provided Information," P. Kennedy, B. Laplante & J. Maxwell (Published in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 1994)
  • 92-13: "Comparative Costs of Out-Patient Lung Cancer Management," P. Coy, J. Schaafsma, J.A. Schofield & J.A. Nield
  • 92-14: "Industry Structure and Compliance With Environmental Standards," D.H. Chua, P. Kennedy & B. Laplant (Published in Economics Letters, 1992)
  • 92-15: "Strategic Labour Contracts," D.G. Ferguson & A. Zhang (Published in Canadian Journal of Economics, 1994)
  • 92-16: "Bonus Contracting in Oligopolistic Markets," A. Zhang (Published in Taiwan Economic Review, 1994)
  • 92-17: "Taxation, Equity and Growth: Exploring the Trade-Off Between Shareholder Dividend Tax Relief and Higher Corporate Income Taxes," S. Nadeau & R. Strauss


  • 91-05: "An Analysis of Common Sales Agents," A. Zhang (Published in Canadian Journal of Economics, 1993)
  • 91-06: "Taxation, Financing and Corporate Investment: A Model of the Real and Financial Decisions of the Firm," S. Nadeau & R.P. Strauss
  • 91-07: "The Methodology of Testing for Wage Discrimination With an Application to Gender Discrimination and Pay Equity at a Canadian Public Sector Employer," S. Nadeau, W.D. Walsh & C.E. Wetton
  • 91-08: "A Macro-Econometric Analysis of the Effects of Taxation on Financing and Real Investment in Canada," S. Nadeau
  • 91-09: "Dynamic Oligopoly Behaviour in the Airline Industry: An Empirical Investigation," J.A. Brander & A. Zhang (Published in International Journal of Industrial Organization, 1993)
  • 91-10: "Sectoral Shift Models of Unemployment: Measurement Ahead of Theory?," I. King (Published in Bulletin of Economic Research, 1993)
  • 91-11: "Rationality and Rule Following in the Old and New Institutional Economics," M. Rutherford (Published as Chapter 4, M. Rutherford, Institutions in Economics: the Old and the New Institutionalism (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1994))
  • 91-12: "Limited Rationality and Organization Design," P.Kennedy (Published in Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, 1994)