Malcolm Rutherford is Distinguished Fellow of the History of Economics Society, 2014


The History of Economics Society (HES) bestows the honour of "Distinguished Fellow" on those who have contributed a lifetime of study to the history of economics. The combination of the breadth, depth, quality and impact of Malcolm Rutherford's scholarly work, his unparallleled contributions to the Society, and the scholarly values that his career evidences are reflective of the best that the HES has to offer.

Malcolm is recognized as the leading scholar in the world on American Institutionalism, both "old" and "new." He is the quintessential assiduous archive historian, interrupting his trips to archives only to collect photos of the grave stones of dead economists. While archive work lies at the base of Malcolm's work, and has led him to many new findings, making new linkages and uncovering hidden connections, it is in his writing that we find those other historical virtues of making balanced judgements while still taking radical positions. (full citation).