Completed dissertations

The following PhD dissertations have been successfuly defended in our department to date.

Dissertations that are currently being written by Ph.D. students in our department are listed here.






  • HOQUE, Ahmed, "On Estimating Variances for Gini Coefficients with Complex Surveys: Theory and Application" (September)
    ( (Math & Stats)Dr D. Giles, Dr. N. Roy, Dr. B. Krauth [Simon Fraser University])
  • HUANG, Yunkai, "Non-Global Regression Modelling" (June)
    (Dr D. GilesDr J. ClarkeDr F. Nathoo, Dr. A. Yatchew [University of Toronto])


  • ABDELFATTAH, Noha, "Essays on Children's Well-being in Developing Countries" (July)
    (Dr Z. Wu, Dr. Fernanda Estevan [University of Ottawa])


  • JOHNSTON, Craig, "Topics in Forest Product Modelling: The Economics of Bioenergy Product Exports from Forests" (October)
    (, Dr B. Stennes, Dr K. Niquidet, Dr. Christopher Gaston [UBC Faculty of Forestry])
  • LI, Jiang (Beryl), "Essays on Canada-US Productivity in Manufacturing" (April)
    (, Dr M. Engineer, Dr K. Stewart, Dr. Jen Baggs, Dr. Richard G. Harris [Simon Fraser University])


  • LI, Dan (Lydia), "An Empirical Investigation of Optimum Currency Area Theory, Business Cycle Synchronization, and Intra-Industry Trade" (December)
    (, Dr N. Roy, Dr M. Webb (Political Science))
  • VO, Dan, "Essays on Entrepreneurial Finance" (October) (, Dr. M. Engineer, Dr. T. Hellmann [Sauder School of Business, UBC])


  • GODWIN, Ryan, "Econometric Analysis of Non-Standard Count Data" (October)
    (Dr D. Giles, Dr J. Clarke, Dr K. Stewart, & Dr M. Tsao (Math. & Stats.))
  • WITHEY, Patrick, "The Impact of Climate Change on the Optimal Management of Wetlands and Waterfowl" (June)
    (, Dr D. Rondeau, Dr J. Yee (Math. & Stats.))


  • LIU, Jia, "Extreme Value Theory and Copula Theory: A Risk Management Application with Energy Futures" (March)
    (Dr D. Giles, Dr J. Clarke, Dr M. Engineer, & Dr W. Reed (Math. & Stats.))


  • CHEN, Weichun, "Three Essays on the Health and Wealth of Nations" (May)
    (, , Dr J.A. Clarke & Dr Z. Wu (Sociology))
  • STOBBE, Tracy, "The Economics & Externalities of Agricultural Land in the Urban Fringe" (June)
    (, Dr M. Rutherford, Dr M. Farnham & Dr C. Zietsma (Business))


  • CHEN, Qian, "Four Essays in Finite-Sample Econometrics" (April)
    (Dr D. Giles, Dr N. Roy, Dr G. Voss and Dr M. Tsao (Math. & Stats.))
  • MEHLENBACHER, Alan, "Multiagent System Simulations of Sealed-Bid, English, and Treasury Auctions" (November)
    (, Dr. D. Ferguson, Dr. L. Welling & Dr. T. Marley (Psychology))


  • CHABAN, Maxym, "Essays in Exchange Rate Economics" (May)
    (, Dr J. Clarke, Dr. M. Engineer & Dr M. Webb (Political Science))
  • FENG, Hui (Helen), "Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Contributions to Fuzzy Regression Analysis" (April)
    (Dr D. Giles, Dr D. Ferguson, Dr K. Stewart & Dr M. Lesperance (Math. & Stats.))
  • SUN, Lili, "Four Essays on Non-Market Valuation" (April)
    (, Dr G. Voss, Dr P. Kennedy & Dr J. Baggs (Business))


  • DONG, Lauren, "Empirical Likelihood in Econometrics" (December)
    (Dr D. Giles, Dr D. Ferguson, Dr M. Tsao (Math. & Stats.) & Dr J. Zhou (Math. & Stats.))