Other faculty

Cross-listed faculty

Jen Baggs

Cross-listed Associate Professor

BA (UofA), MA (UBC), PhD (UBC). Dr. Jen Baggs is an economist working with the Gustavson School of Business. Jen conducts her research in association with Statistics Canada and hopes her research will help Canadian businesses both take advantage of the opportunities, and insulate themselves from the threats, created by freer trade and fluctuating currencies. She is a winner of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics Young Economists' Award, and the Canadian Economics Association’s Robert Mundell Prize. Jen has a cross-appointment with the Department of Economics and teaches in the areas of international business, statistics and economics.

Adjunct faculty

Knick Harley

Adjunct Professor
BA, Honours (College of Wooster), MA (Harvard), PhD (Harvard). Professor Harley has built an outstanding reputation in the fields of North American and European economic history through a long career in which he taught at the University of British Columbia, the University of Michigan, the University of Toronto, the University of Pennsylvania, Simon Fraser University, the University of California at Davis, the Free University of Berlin, the University of Western Ontario, and most recently the University of Oxford where he is professor of economic history. He has published one major book – The Integration of the World Economy, 1850-1914 – and a host of articles in referred journals including two prize winning articles published in the Journal of Economic History. He has also published over fifteen referred articles in books. His research to date has focused on transportation, trade, global integration, the industrial revolution in England, trade policy and the role of factor prices in shaping income distribution and trade.
Professor Harley has not only built a stellar reputation as a scholar, he continues to carry out research on a variety of topics. At present he is working on: regional economies in the United States and Canada and their relationship to the world economy in the 19th century; freight rates on the North Atlantic; and the role of profits in the cotton industry during the English Industrial Revolution.

Jill Horwitz

Adjunct Professor
BA (Northwestern University), MA (Harvard), JD(magna cum laude - Harvard),  PhD (Harvard). Jill Horwitz is Professor of Law at the University of California Los Angeles and adjunct Professor of Economics at the University of Victoria.

Professor Horwitz is a highly productive scholar who has published in law journals, health policy journals, and economics journals.  Her scholarly interests focus on the legal regulation of health care organizations, nonprofit organizations, law and economics, and tort law.  Her empirical research on hospital ownership and medical service provision has won several awards. Professor Horwitz teaches Torts and Nonprofit Law and Policy, as well as workshops on law and economics, governance, and health care reform.

Horwitz is also a faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research, Reporter for the American Law Institute Restatement of Nonprofit Organizations, a fellow at the National Academy of Social Insurance, and a member of the Bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Before joining the UCLA faculty, Horwitz was Professor of Law and Co-Director of Law and Economics at the University of Michigan Law School.  She also held joint appointments at Michigan with the School of Public Health and the Ford School of Public Policy. 
Following law school, she served as a law clerk for Judge Norman Stahl of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

John Janmaat

Adjunct Associate Professor
BSc (UBC), MSc (UBC), MBA (SFU), PhD (Queens). John Janmaat is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus. He received his PhD from Queen's University. His work is in the area of environmental and natural resource economics, econometrics, microeconomic theory, and experimental economics. 

Richard Martin

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (SFU). Richard Martin received his PhD in economics from Simon Fraser University. He has taught industrial organization, game theory, environmental economics and microeconomics. Research interests include industrial organization, corporate finance, labour, public finance, experimental economics and charitable behaviour.

Alan Mehlenbacher

Adjunct Assistant Professor

BS (Michigan), MSc (UBC), MBA (SFU), PhD (Victoria).  Alan Mehlenbacher has taught University of Victoria courses in Mathematical Economics, Applied Econometrics, General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics, Computational Economics, Competition Economics, Competition Policy, Environmental Economics, Statistical Inference, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Agent Systems, Network-Centric Computing, and The Practice of Computer Science.  He has published papers in environmental economics, computational economics, ecosystem modelling, and taxonomy. 

Bradley Stennes

Adjunct Associate Professor
BSC (UBC), MSc (UBC), PhD (UBC). Brad Stennes is a research economist in the Trade and Economics Program at the Pacific Forestry Centre of the Canadian Forest Service. His main research responsibilities are in forest products trade and the development of BC’s forest sector with special emphasis on Canada’s value-added wood processing sector. Dr. Stennes sponsors the Pacific Forestry Centre Graduate Fellowship Award, which has been held by UVic economics students. He has also co-authored journal articles, proceedings and policy analysis working papers with our faculty and graduate students.

Lili Sun

Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA (Jilin University), MA (York), PhD (UVic). Lili Sun is a forest economist at the Pacific Forestry Centre of the Canadian Forest Service where she applies her skills as an econometrician to various issues related to forest product trade, pest invasions, climate change and other topics.