Academic regulations

Academic regulations can sometimes be difficult to navigate. The University Academic Calendar is the basic guide to all undergraduate academic regulations and graduate academic regulations. All students should to be familiar with these, and especially the following regulations:

If you run into a problem, it’s best to begin by talking to your instructor. If you aren't able to do so, or if talking to the instructor doesn't resolve the issue, talk to the Chair of the Department or Director of the School that offers the course or program. You can also talk to a departmental advisor or contact the Academic Advising Centre. Most serious issues are dealt with by the Associate Dean Academic Advising, serving as a delegate of the Dean of Social Sciences.

The Office of the Ombudsperson, located in room B205 in the Student Union Building, provides information and guidance on students' rights and responsibilities, and on UVic regulations and procedures. It's best to contact the office by email or phone (250-721-8357) to arrange an appointment.