New BC archaeology publications

Congratulations to UVic Anthropology Adjunct Professor Duncan McLaren (Hakai Institute, Cordillera Archaeology) who is the lead author of two incredible publications about the archaeology of British Columbia. One about karst caves on Vancouver Island and the other about high altitude ‘wet site’ archaeology in northern British Columbia in Tahltan territory. The authorship team includes several UVic alumni such as Chris Hebda (MA, 2019), Angela Dyck (BA, 2015) and Brendan Gray (MA, 2008) as well as Indigenous community members and international researchers.


McLaren, D., Wigen, R.J., Fedje, D.W., Dyck, A., Hebda, C.F.G., Morien, E., Pedersen, M.W., Willerslev, E., Rutledge, L.Y., Barrera, M.A., Stafford, J., Wall, D., Letham, B., 2023. Late Pleistocene Faunal Assemblages from Karst Cave Settings on Northern Vancouver Island, Canada. PaleoAmerica.


McLaren, D., Gray, B., Loring, R., Ts̱ēmā Igharas Igharas, Mathewes, R.W., Louie, L., Doxsey-Whitfield, M., Hill, G., Marr, K., 2023. Ice Patches and Obsidian Quarries: Integrating Research Through Collaborative Archaeology in Tahltan Territory. Journal of Field Archaeology.