May 15: Seonaid Duffield - May Lecturer for the ASBC

Seonaid Duffield
Tuesday, May 15, 7:30
Cornett B129, UVic Campus, Victoria

Seonaid Duffield will present the results of her Master’s research and a recent project employing vibracore technology at three ancient Indigenous settlements in the Central Coast within Heiltsuk and Wuikinuxv territories, and at two archaeological sites within Tseshaht territory in the Broken Group Islands. Using a vibracoring device, a small team collected long, intact sections of shell midden stratigraphy at three sites. A vibracore is a coring device that generates vibrations to mobilize particles that come into contact with the core bit and rod. Coupled with fine-screen methodologies and radiocarbon dating, these core samples provide a representative record of fish and shellfish use that span the duration of the site occupation. The use of fine screen methods also assisted in the recovery of numerous tiny artifacts. This presentation will outline two case studies focusing on methods, zooarchaeological analysis and results of using a vibracore within coastal British Columbia.