Our PhD student Luke Kernan discusses the topic of Psychosis Narratives in a CFUV Interview

Our PhD student Luke Kernan has discussed the topic of Psychosis Narratives in this "Beyond The Jargon" episode.

TITLE: A Look Into Psychosis Narratives
INTERVIEWER: Funto Aworobuseye
CFUV 101.9 FM Interview - Beyond the Jargon

DESCRIPTION: In this episode of Beyond The Jargon, I sit down with Anthropology Ph.D. candidate, Luke Kernan, and we discuss the topic of Psychosis Narratives. We explore what psychosis narratives are, how people make sense of their hallucinations, and the role that understanding these narratives can play in helping destigmatize experiences with psychosis. In his research, Luke will be implementing an arts-based and sensory studies approach to studying psychotic breaks. Findings will be transformed into a multimedia volume of graphics and poetry that will act to further represent the nuanced and novel understandings of madness.