Lansdowne Lecture: Dr. Nicole Truesdell

 Black Decolonial Praxis: A Liberation Story

Tuesday, 24 September | 7:00 p.m. David Turpin Building, Room A102

A Black Decolonial Praxis is a pathway to liberatory world making within the university. La paperson (2017) argues universities are colonial projects that have within them a decolonial education. For me that decolonial education looks to the ways ancestral knowledge, right relationship with land and people, and the intersections of abolitionist and decolonial projects conjoin to create what I call a Black Decolonial Praxis. I situate this concept in two liberation stories: the Decolonizing Pedagogies Project (DPP) I co-led at Beloit College and the Institute for Transformative Practice I now lead at Brown University.