April 17: ANTH hosts local high school students with Lets Talk Science

On April 17 60-100 local high school students will attend this all day event, co-sponsored by LTS (Lets Talk Science) and Anthropology. 

Includes faculty presentations/hands-on activities and undergraduate and graduate anthropology student volunteers; with a keynote welcome and closing addresses from Dr. April Nowell, Chair of Anthropology.

CSI UVic: Forensic Anthropology 

Dr. Stephanie Calce and Anthropology Students
Students will work together to solve a “mock” forensic case. Students will learn how to plan, execute and search for a missing person, as well as use biographic details from the human body to achieve a personal identification.

Archaeology of the Pacific Northwest

Dr. Quentin Mackie  and Anthropology Students
In 2018, UVic Archaeologists uncovered 13,000 year-old human footprints on Calvert Island, BC, and confirmed them to be the oldest footprints ever found in North America. In this activity, students will make their own footprints in a sand pit, cap them, and dig them out while discussing how such markings can tell us something about the people who made them, and what they were doing when they did!

21st Century Tools for Studying Ice Age Art

Dr. April Nowell  and Anthropology Students
A brief look at how science is helping to reveal more about the lives of children and teens in the Ice Age through a study of their art. Students will engage in “spit-painting”, a form of experimental archaeology to figure out how some of this art was made.

Human Evolution & the Fossil Record 

Dr. Alison Macintosh  and Anthropology Students
Students will use UVic Anthropology’s extensive fossil cast collection from the last 4 million years to practice identifying humans and our hominin ancestors from anatomical (skeletal) features that distinguishes them from other primates.