April 5-6: Sonoptica Media Festival


Check the program for a listing of films and workshops.


April 5: David Lam Auditorium

April 6: Anthropology Department Visual Lab: Cornett B237

Open to all students and entirely free

On the first day of the festival, filmmaker Jill Sharpe will present her Emmy-nominated feature film Bone Wind Fire (2011; NFB) a journey uniting the colorful life of Georgia O’Keefe, Emily Carr and Frida Kahlo. Jill Sharpe will talk about her experience as a filmmaker and will answer questions from the audience.

At 6:30pm the evening, there will be a public screening of six short films produced by the students of the Applied Ethnographic Film course (ANTH 409). The diversity of the topics will catch the attention of everybody: from garbage collection, to the depth of the ocean, in passing through the life experience of people who live on their boat, the landscape of a photographer, the impressive bone collection of the Department of Anthropology, the perspective of second generation young Canadians, and the underground music scene. The after party will take place at Gaby’s in Esquimalt with a jazz concert. All films are made and inspired by Victoria and its people.

On the second day, students can participate to three fascinating workshop open to everybody and free! Karoline Guelke will offer a workshop on photovoice, Nick Smith on podcasting and Amy Becker on story telling and mapping.

To learn more about Bone Wind Fire by Jill Sharpe, visit: