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Jose Barrios
Jose Barrios' software gives researchers access to connect with subjects all over the world.(Jose is in the process of completing his degree) Photo: Al Smith of


These former #UVic’ers, who all have academic backgrounds in Social Sciences, have created fresh and unique companies that combine their passions, business skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

Jill Doucette — Synergy

Jill Doucette

Jill Doucette is the owner and founder of Synergy, a Victoria-based organization with a mission to catalyze the green economy in BC. Her work with local businesses to reach zero waste and carbon neutrality has won numerous awards for innovation and commitment to environmental practice.  Jill is passionate about small businesses and environmental solutions that will make our communities and economy stronger. She recently co-authored Greening Your Office: Solutions that Work and has two more books on the way. A member of the Small Business Roundtable for BC, Jill advocates for a stronger economy that works to solve environmental issues.

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Anthony E.R. Sukow - Terapeak

Anthony Sukow

For the past 10 years Anthony has been developing Business Intelligence tools for e-commerce merchants. He is now the co-founder and EVP of Terapeak, the Master Licensing Partner of eBay e-commerce Data. Terapeak has created systems to manage over 18+ billion transactions, representing over $425 billion worth of online spending from 100 million consumers around the world. This single e-commerce data set is one of the largest unstructured data sets, and also one of the most valuable, with respect to real time consumer insights. Terapeak was building "Big Data" before "Big Data" was a catch phrase.


Michelle Martin - ArtsALLY

Michelle Martin

Michelle Martin founded, a hyperlocal art community that is bringing structure and opportunity to artists within a disorganized industry as it creates connections between art and business to everyone's benefit. Her background is as a newspaper reporter, and she spent the last six years at BC Hydro, where she served as the Senior Communications Advisor to the CEO. She is also a co-founder and sits on the Board of Ethelo Decisions, a local startup with a predicative analytics engine being offered through a SAAS model. Her undergraduate degree is in Sociology at UVic, and she is mid-way through a Management of Technology MBA at SFU.

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Jose Barrios - Cognilab

Jose Barrios

Jose is a technologist with a passion for research. In 2009, he joined the Visual Cognition Laboratory where he assisted with the development of intervention tools for children with Autism. Since then, he has assisted various Universities and hospitals develop new technologies that facilitate research and data collection. Last year Jose founded Cognilab, an award winning company specializing in online behavioural research. 

Cognilab is an end-to-end online laboratory for behavioural research. The platform allows researchers to create complex experiments and distribute them to over 500,000 participants in 190 countries. Research that used to take several months can now be conducted in a matter of days. In 2014, DigiBC named Cognilab as one the 'Top 25 Most Innovative Companies in BC’. Today, Cognilab powers over a dozen research laboratories in five different countries. Jose is in the process of completing his UVic degree.

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