Alumni in 'Green Careers'

This page showcases four alumni who are working in 'green careers'. These videos were orginally produced by UVic's Office of Sustainability and Co-op and Careers Services. 

Heather English — BSc 2008 (Environmental Studies/Biology)

Heather was a Senior Policy Analyst with the British Columbia Climate Action Secretariat. She is now working for the BC Public Service.

Matt Greeno — BA 2008 (Psychology), MA 2012 (Policy and Practice)

Matt was a Business Energy Advisor for City Green Solutions. He now works as a Sustainability Coordinator at the University of Victoria.

Arelia Werner — MSc 2008 (Geography)

Arelia is a Hydrologist for the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC).

Keith Holmes — BSc 2008, MSc 2013 (Geography)

Keith is currently a Spatial Scientist at the Hakai Beach Institute, working in partnership with the University of Victoria's SPAR (Spatial Pattern Analysis and Reasearch) Lab.

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