Alumni who made a difference

To help commemorate UVic's 50th anniversary, the unversity selected 50 representatives of the alumni community who have contributed to the growth and reputation of our university. Over one third of those fifty are alumni or teaching staff in the Faculty of Social Sciences, which makes us very proud! You can read more about them below.

Ashli Akins—BA 2009 (Environmental Studies/Writing)


At UVic, Ashli founded Mosqoy, a group dedicated to development work in Peru. The organization works with traditional weaving communities and offers scholarships to disadvantaged students pursuing higher education. Many students who participate in Mosqoy continue their volunteer efforts in their communities and at UVic.

Jim Crawford—BA 1968 (Economics)

The Vikes Men's Soccer Alumni Chapter depends on Jim's leadership and vision, which has helped the group form a network of alumni and community supporters. He also started the Wally Milligan Soccer Scholarship, the Crawford Family Athletic Scholarship and he’s an organizer of the annual Vikes Men's Soccer Alumni Game and Dinner/Auction.

Jennifer Davison—MA 2003, MA 2008 (Economics)

Jennifer created the Davison Graduate Bursaries in Economics and Slavic Studies and her volunteer efforts led to the formation of the successful Economics Alumni Network. With her leadership, the network established the Economics Alumni Scholarship Fund for graduate studies.

Don Drummond—BA 1976 (Economics)

Don, one of Canada's most trusted and well-know economists, has long demonstrated his pride in his UVic connection. He regularly offers his insights through speaking engagements with students and alumni – particularly in events with Toronto alumni – and through his support of the Alumni Fund. Don is a member of the 50th Anniversary Honorary Cabinet.

Kara Flanagan—BSc 2002 (Math), MA 2004 (Economics)

Kara's determined efforts renewed interest and events for Toronto Alumni from 2005 until her return to Victoria in 2010. She was a member of the UVic Alumni Association board of directors and continues to be a dependable volunteer for many other alumni initiatives, including the Class of 2002 10-year reunion.

Dean Fortin—BA 1991 (Geography), LLB 1984, MEd 1997

Dean frequently participates in projects and speaks at events at UVic, including the UVic Town Hall organized by students and the UVic Grad luncheon. Throughout his involvement with the university and in the wider community as Mayor of the City of Victoria, Dean is a proud ambassador for UVic.

Mike Holmes—BA 1987 (Economics), LLB 1987

A strong advocate for UVic athletics and the men's rugby program, Mike's leadership has created legacies. In the 1980s his fundraising efforts for men's rugby paid for many of the team's international tours. He is a cornerstone of support, especially in providing disadvantaged students the opportunity to come to UVic.

Jennifer Kroeker-Hall—BA 1983 (Psychology) , MPA 2000

A founder of the School of Public Administration Alumni Chapter, Jennifer has served as vice-chair and chair of the group and has is known for her strong leadership skills and her creativity. She is a role model for volunteerism, earning the alumni Volunteer of the Year Award in 2011.

Erich Mohr—MSc 1980, PhD 1982 (Psychology)


Erich, along with Shelley Mohr, BA '84 (Psychology), established a fellowship in Psychology and the chair in Adult Development and Aging. Erich, an expert in experimental therapeutics for central nervous system disorders, also serves as vice chair of the UVic Board of Governors.

Steven Myhill-Jones—BSc 1999 (Geography)


Steven's successful Web-based mapping and GIS software development company, Latitude Geographics, was formed shortly after graduation. Since then, he has employed many co-op students, providing specialized work experience. He created a scholarship in the Faculty of Engineering and is a regular speaker at alumni events.

Robert Pearce—BA 1978 (Economics)

Robert enjoys strong ties to UVic. He first met his wife Ellen Pearce, BA '77 (Geography), at the McPherson Library and went on to a successful career in the financial services industry. He remains involved with UVic through the 50th Anniversary Honorary Cabinet and through support of the Robert and Ellen Pearce Scholarship.

Tracy Redies—BA 1984 (Economics)

Tracy has spoken inspiringly at many events for students and alumni. In her role of president and CEO of Coast Capital Savings, Tracy also orchestrated the credit union's support for the Economics Speaker Series. In 2012 she was named to Women's Executive Network Hall of Fame.

Tracie Sibbald—BA 1983 (Geography)

Tracie is a strong link between Vikes athletics and the UVic Alumni Association Board of Directors, where she volunteers as chair of the student and alumni programs committee. Her interest in alumni engagement and sports goes back to her five seasons playing for Vikes basketball and four seasons as assistant coach.

Nancy Turner—BA 1969 (Botany)

Nancy is a pioneer of ethnobotany, documenting First Nations knowledge and cultural heritage. Her work has attracted countless students to study at UVic and s he has shared her insights as guest speaker at alumni events. She also donated her book, periodical and research archives to Environmental Studies.

Beverly Van Ruyven—BA 1979 (Anthropology)

Beverly is a member of the UVic Board of Governors and a strong supporter of the Vikes Championship breakfast. The university benefits from her experience, including her past positions as executive vice-president of BC Hydro and her appointments to the Fraser Basin Council and the Vancouver Board of Trade Women's Leadership Circle.

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